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All India Online GPAT Mock Test

Event Date: 18th February 2024

A GPAT mock test is likely to be a practice examination designed to simulate the actual GPAT, which is a national-level entrance exam in India for admission into postgraduate pharmacy programs. These mock tests are typically organized to help candidates assess their preparation, get familiar with the exam pattern, and identify areas for improvement.

  1. Simulation of Exam Conditions: The mock test aims to replicate the actual GPAT environment, including the structure, duration, and question format, to give participants a realistic experience.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage: Questions in the mock test are likely to cover the various subjects tested in GPAT, such as pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, and pharmacognosy.
  3. Scoring and Analysis: After completing the mock test, participants often receive detailed scorecards and performance analyses. This helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses in different topics.
  4. Ranking System: This mock test also provides a national or regional ranking, allowing participants to gauge their standing among other aspirants.
  5. Feedback and Tips: Along with scores, participants might receive feedback on their performance and tips for improvement. This feedback could be valuable in refining their study strategies.

The All India Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT) Mock Test 2024 was a highly anticipated and well-executed event that aimed to provide aspiring pharmacy professionals with a comprehensive and realistic practice experience. The event All India GPAT mock test organized by School of Medical and Allied Sciences, took place on 18th Feb 2024 on online platform, attracting 2400 participants from across the country.

  1. Registration and Welcome: The event kicked off with a seamless registration process through Google Form, where participants were warmly welcomed and provided with necessary materials. The registration desk efficiently managed the registered students, ensuring a smooth start to the event by creating a WhatsApp group.
  2. Preparation of Question Paper: The mock test featured a well-crafted question paper developed by subject matter experts. The questions covered the entire GPAT syllabus, maintaining the difficulty level expected in the actual examination. This meticulous design aimed to provide participants with an accurate assessment of their preparedness. The question Paper was prepared by maintaining equal standards which contains 125 questions, each carrying 4 marks each and with negative marking of 1 mark each. The time duration of mock test was 3 hrs.
  3. Technologically Advanced Test Platform: The mock test utilized a cutting-edge online platform, mirroring the GPAT exam interface. Participants experienced a glitch-free, user-friendly environment that closely resembled the actual test conditions. The robust technology ensured a fair and reliable evaluation of participants' performance. Question Paper was prepared in google form and link was shared before 10 minutes through WhatsApp group and respected mails.
  4. Expert Facilitators and Proctors: A team of experienced facilitators and proctors was present throughout the event to address any queries, provide guidance, and maintain a secure testing environment. Their vigilance and support contributed to the overall success of the mock test.
  5. Post-Test Analysis Session: Total 1100 students appeared All India GPAT mock test. Following the completion of the mock test, a comprehensive analysis session was conducted. Expert pharmacists and faculty members dissected the question paper, discussed key concepts, and addressed participants' doubts. This post-test analysis proved invaluable for learning and self-assessment. The highest score scored by students is 476/500.
  6. Feedback and Certificates: Participants received personalized feedback on their performance. E-certificates of top 10 participants were distributed, acknowledging the efforts of all attendees and providing a valuable addition to their portfolios.

In conclusion, the All India GPAT Mock Test 2024 was a resounding success, serving its purpose of offering a realistic and beneficial practice opportunity for aspiring pharmacy professionals. The event not only facilitated skill enhancement but also fostered a sense of community among participants, contributing to the growth and development of the pharmacy sector in India.

Mentor Name – Dr. Naga Rani Kagithala, Associate Professor

Department Name – Department of Pharmacy