Diploma Programs

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Programs Overview

This program deals with diploma in mechanical engineering to impart quality education and training to fulfill the needs of manufacturing industries mainly to enhance their quality and productivity. This program aims to produce diploma holders in mechanical engineering to meet the challenges of industries successfully and make great achievements in the growing global range

Diploma in Automobile Engineering

Programs Overview

Automobile Engineering is a specialized branch of mechanical engineering, covering the areas of automobile engines, transmission, suspension, braking systems, electrical and electronics, comfort and safety, automotive workshop technology and management. This program aims to produce Diploma holders in Automobile Engineering to provide in-Departmenth knowledge of vehicle engineering, incorporating elements of mechanical, electrical, electronics, software and safety engineering applied to the design, manufacture and operation of motorcycle, automobile, buses and trunks and their respective engineering subsystem.

Diploma in Civil Engineering

Programs Overview

The three year Diploma in Civil Engineering is all about the infrastructural development and design techniques. India has seen a major spurt in infrastructure development in urban as well as rural areas. The Diploma in Civil Engineering deals with the highway projects, structural design and with the health and public utility services.

Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering

Programs Overview

Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering includes software and hardware design. This is an excellent preparatory course for a career in IT, as well as in public sectors like railways, banking etc. It covers the subjects of computer programming, computer systems, networking and computer hardware. The student will be specializing in high end applications like RDBMS and GUI tools based on Windows/LINUX environment. The extensive use of IT has led to an increase in the number of IT careers and the students are regularly getting absorbed in the IT industry. A student finishing his/her Diploma can appear for selection for lateral entry in to B.Tech./B.E. second year directly. Computer Engineering Diploma holders may even start their own venture with very little investment. Students in this program usually take a relatively narrow range of courses in order to learn about their chosen specialty.

Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Programs Overview

The Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering program is for three years; taught over a period of six semesters. In the first semester, basic science theory as well as laboratory courses will be taught so that the students can apply basic theories of physics, chemistry and mathematics in Electronics and communication Engineering core courses. In every semester there will be some core courses and related laboratories.

Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Programs Overview

Diploma in Electrical Engineering is a three year program taught over a period of six semesters. The primary objective is to train the students as competent electrical engineers and make them meet the requirement of industries besides striving for further improvement in academic performance of students. In the first semester, basics of science and scientific theories of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics applied to engineering studies courses and respective laboratories will be taught, so that student can apply basic theories of science in electrical engineering. In every semester there will be some core courses and respective laboratories of electrical engineering.

Diploma in Chemical Engineering

Programs Overview

Chemical Engineering is one of the most versatile branches of Engineering. It applies the knowledge of physical sciences together with Mathematics and Economics. This program deals with Diploma in Chemical Engineering to impart quality education and training about:

  • Several processes used to manufacture products of daily use including plastics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food products
  • Improvement of food processing techniques and methods of producing fertilizers, to increase the quantity and quality of available food
  • Simple materials for big technology industries
  • Development of methods to mass-produce drugs, making them more affordable
  • Capability to analyze and optimize complex systems
  • Capacity to work over a wide range of scales - from molecular to worldwide
  • Construction of synthetic fibers that make our clothes more comfortable and water resistant
  • Studies to create safer, more efficient methods of refining petroleum products, making energy and chemical sources more productive and cost effective.

The program aims to produce the Diploma holders in Chemical Engineering with in-Departmenth knowledge of various fields including the latest development in technology in the area of Microelectronics, Fuel Cells, Green Cells, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, and Nanotechnology as well. It also explores the area of material Science including Biodegradable Polymers, Alloys and abrasives that are lately been used in technologies.

Diploma in Food Technology

Programs Overview

With the change in Food Technologies, demand for skilled professional has opened new avenues for students want to make a career in food technology industry. This program is a mix of theoretical and practical courses, that helps students to understand the subject and use the skill to solve market need.

The course curriculum includes cookery, dairy, food storage, pest control, catering, quality control, sustainability etc.

With the growth of digital and e-commerce food business, the related professional needs to be exposed to the latest technologies. In Galgotias University we provide students with unmatched infrastructure and academic atmosphere to give students a solid foundation in the food industry.

Diploma in Instrumentation

Programs Overview

Diploma in Instrumentation is the integration of different branches of science which are put together to achieve required functional goal in the field of automated system in electrical and pneumatic domain. The scope of this course is to understand about the process, equipment and controls in the modern industries which are more efficient, effective and accurate as the old magnetic and electric control industries have become obsolete.

Diploma in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Programs Overview

Diploma in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning deals with HVAC (Heating Ventilation & air conditioning) and its industrial applications. This program imparts quality education and training on household as well as commercial refrigerators. Its aim to produce diploma holders in Refrigeration & Air-conditioning to meet the challenges of HVAC industries successfully and make great achievements in the growing global range.

Diploma in Production Engineering

Programs Overview

This program deals with Diploma in production engineering that applies the principle of physical and material science for analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical system. This program aims to produce Diploma holders in Production Engineering with wide knowledge and capability in the planning, production control and machine operations in terms of preparation, programming and machining.

Diploma in Construction Management & Engineering

Programs Overview

The prime objective of this Diploma course is to inculcate the designing and construction management skills to take infrastructural projects from design to the reality. The course will provide the students with a broadly based technological and management education, so that they are capable to evaluate and resolve constructional and business problems associated with building and civil engineering projects. The Diploma in Construction Management & Engineering prepares the student to systematically plan, organize and manage construction activities such as finance, labour, plant and materials. It equips the student with the skills necessary to implement processes and methods of construction to produce a quality building in an efficient and safe manner against natural disasters and earthquakes.




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