Strategic International Partnerships

International Partnerships

Galgotias University has formed strategic partnerships with some of the top universities of the world that not only assist in creating a distinctive international educational experience for its students, but also allow the University to maintain an active presence in the international academic community.

The benefits of such strategic partnerships are

Following are Galgotias University’s partnerships with institutions of higher education around the world

Purdue University, Calumet Campus, USA

PURDUE University
The universities agree to co-operate for short and long term faculty exchange, undergraduate and postgraduate student exchange, collaborative research and discovery, learning and teaching and engagement of other mutually agreed-upon educational programs. The 3+1 articulation program for students of B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering has already been launched. Galgotias University's global strategy aims to develop strong and effective alliances. These alliances offer faculty, students and researchers at both institutions with opportunities for international collaboration and active involvement in multi-disciplinary projects at a global level.

Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany

GOETHE University
(Ranked among the Top 10 Universities of the World). 19 Nobel laureates have worked or studied at Goethe University since 1914. The MoU is for student exchange, faculty exchange, joint research and new programs. The student exchange partnership with Goethe University provides Galgotias University students the opportunity to spend a semester or two studying in Germany. Students pay no tuition fee but are responsible for boarding and lodging costs. In addition, a limited number of MBA students at the end of their first year at GU have the option of joining the Masters in International Economics and Public Policy at Goethe University and completing their degree while paying no tuition fee for the entire program.

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, USA

University of Arkansas
With the University of Arkansas, USA, the MoU is for exchange of faculty, exchange of students, collaborative programs and seminars and research activities. The two universities have agreed to encourage research collaboration in areas of mutual interest through a program of visiting faculty and graduate student exchange for periods of up to one year. The two institutions will also co-operate on exchanging academic, research and other educational materials.

University of Maryland

University of Maryland
Galgotias University and the University of Maryland have signed MoUs for the following-A semester of study for GU students at UMD and vice versa for students of UMD. The second specific agreement with the Smith school of Business at UMD is for MBA students wherein the students would complete the 1st year of their Galgotias MBA program in India, then go to the Smith School for one year to receive their MSB – Masters in Supply Chain Management, and finally finish the 2nd year of their Galgotias MBA program back in India.

Kent State University

Kent State University
Kent State University, Ohio, USA is one of America's great public universities. The collaboration signifies the establishment of valuable collaborative relationships between the two universities to provide enhanced educational opportunities for Galgotias University students in US through exchange of students, exchange of faculty, exchange in research, joint programs. Students of both the universities can complete one semester of their study in the partner university campus.

Institute of Accountancy Arusha, Tanzania

Institute of Accountancy Arusha
Institute of Accountancy Arusha, Tanzania - This institute is under the Ministry of Finance, United Republic of Tanzania and is established under an act of Parliament in 1990. Through this arrangement both the Institutions have a common purpose in the development and dissemination of knowledge and the provision of service to each other. Galgotias University partners in developing course structure for Master of Computer Science (M.Sc. / MCA) and also overseeing the delivery of the program at the IAA campus.

InterNapa College, Sotira, Cyprus

InterNapa College, Sotira
InterNapa College, Sotira, Cyprus – The MoU is to work towards faculty development, planning and handling of academic programs, organization of seminars and conferences, including the sharing of mutual experiences in teaching, research and industrial practice, guidance and supervision of students' thesis, project work, organization of study visits and training, participation in Bachelors' courses through faculty exchange, student exchange and joint programs.

Chifley Business School, Australia

Chifley Business School
Chifley Business School, Australia, is ranked as one of the Top 20 MBA Providers and Top 10 Value for Money Institutions by the Australian Financial Review's MBA Boss ranking in 2011 and 2013. The School offers 4 credit certificate programs in Technology Management, Project Management and General Management to GU students.

Northern Illinois University, USA

Northern Illinois University
To expand scholarly ties and promote closer academic collaboration.

University of Pisa, Italy

University of Pisa
Exchange of students M.Tech (CSE). 1st year study in Galgotias University and 2nd year at University of Pisa, Italy or vice-a-versa.

Groupe INSEEC, France

Exchange of students for Graduate and Post Graduate Programmes study in Galgotias University and at Groupe INSEEC, France or vice-a-versa. 

American Graduate School of Business, Switzerland

American Graduate School of Business
Exchange of students for Graduate and Post Graduate Programmes study in Galgotias University and at American Graduate School of Business, Switzerland or vice-a-versa.

Asia Pacific University, Malaysia

Asia Pacific University
Exchange of students for Graduate and Post Graduate Programmes study in Galgotias University and at Asia Pacific University, Malaysia or vice-a-versa. 

Asia Pacific University, Malaysia

Asia Pacific University
Exchange of students for Graduate and Post Graduate Programmes study in Galgotias University and at Asia Pacific University, Malaysia or vice-a-versa. 

"Aurel Vlaicu" University of Arad"

Aurel Vlaicu
"Aurel Vlaicu" University of Arad and Galgotias University signed MoU for Research, faculty, Students exchange & funded projects"




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