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Dr.Suresh Kumar A

Dr.Suresh Kumar A

Associate Professor



Take up a challenging career in a progressive and professional Organization, which gives opportunities to utilize the skills and experience gained through a common goal of growth blended with a bright personal career

Educational Qualification

DEGREE University/ Institution Year of Passing % of Marks/CGPA
Ph.D – CSE (ICE) Anna University 2017 Awarded
M.E - CSE Anna University 2010 7.21
B.E - CSE Periyar University / KSRCT 2003 59.4

Any other Qualification

Advanced Diploma in High End Software Technology


S. No. Period Organization /
Position Held
From                      To
1. 01.07.2018 Till Date Galgotias University, Delhi Associate Professor
2. 27.08.2010 20.07.2018 Mahendra Engineering College (Autonomous) Associate Professor
3. 06.06.2005 18.08.2010 C.S.I Polytechnic College Lecturer

Journals Published

  • Suresh Kumar A & Umashankar P, “ Iot Grid: Iot Communication For Grid Tie Matrix Converter With Power Factor Control Using Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding (Afs) Method”, Journal of Web Engineering, July 2018, Vol.17, No.6,pp- 2360-2378
  • Thilagavathi P & Suresh Kumar A, “Detecting Stress Based on Social Interactions in Social Networks”, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology, May 2018, Vol.6, No.8, pp-1-6.
  • Suresh Kumar A & Thilagavathi P, “Scheming Approach for Perspective Technique and Automation Using Backdrop Atmosphere Transform”, Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, February 2018, Vol.9, No. 2, pp-376-379
  • Suresh Kumar A & Samson Ravindran, R, ‘Swarm and Fuzzy based Cooperative Caching Framework to Optimize Energy Consumption Over Multimedia Wireless Sensor Network’, Wireless Personal Communications- An international Journal – Springer, Vol.90, No.2, pp-961-984, Sep. 2016. ISSN No. 0929-6212.
  • Ganesh K E & Suresh Kumar A & “Smart CCTV Image Enhancement with Multiple Filtering Techniques”, International Journal of Advanced Research Methodology in Engineering & Technology, Vol.1, No.3, pp- 65-69, ISSN No. 2456-6446.
  • Suresh Kumar A, “Wireless sensor networks: pattern of ambiguity protecting three-factor substantiates access for transaction code”, International Journal on Recent Researches In Science, Engineering & Technology, Vol.3, No.12, pp-23-27, ISSN No. 2347-6729
  • Suresh Kumar A, “Multicast Opportunistic Course-Plotting Protocol To Optimize Lifetime Of MANET”, International Journal on Recent Researches In Science, Engineering & Technology,Vol.3,No.10, pp-13-17, ISSN No. 2347-6729.
  • Suresh Kumar A & Jeeva G , “A mutual inducement detection approach against block hole attack in mobile ad hoc networks”, International Journal of Advanced Research Trends in Engineering and Technology, Vol.3, no.3, 2016.
  • Suresh Kumar A & Jojymon K Thomas, “Detection and Prevention of Sybil attack using threshold elgamal key management scheme”, Internal Journal of advanced Research in Science and Engineering, Vol.4, no.1, 2016.
  • Suresh Kumar A & Samson Ravindran, R, ‘Swarm and Fuzzy based Cooperative Cache Management Framework for MANET’, International review on computers (IRECOS), Vol. 9, No 5, 1-14, ISSN -1828-600. 2014.
  • Suresh Kumar A & Kannan M, “Scalable Distributed Examine Reliability Verification For Software As A Service Clouds”, International Journal on Recent Researches In Science, Engineering & Technology, Vol.3, No.3, pp-16-23, ISSN-2347-6729

Conference Publications

  • Suresh Kumar A & Gowthama R K J, “Anomaly Detection in Computer Networks Using Enhanced Machine Language Prediction Algoritham”, International Conference on Advance in Software Defined and Context- Aware Cognitive Networks on Feb 2018
  • Suresh Kumar A, V.Ellappan, “A Survey on separation of Blood vessals for detecting retinal vascular disorders”, IEEE Conference on Emerging Devices and SmartSystems(ICEDSS2018) on March 3rd 2018.
  • Suresh Kumar A, V.Ellappan & K.Manivel ‘A Comparative Analysis of AODV and DSDV Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad hoc Networks” IEEE Conference on Emerging Devices and Smart Systems (ICEDSS2017) on March 04th 2017.
  • Suresh Kumar A, “Smart CCTV Image Enhancement with Multiple Filtering Techniques”, International Conference on Breakthrough in Engineering, Science & Technology, 2017.
  • Suresh Kumar A, “Detection And Prevention Of Sybil Attack Using Threshold Elgamal Key Management Scheme”, International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering Science and Management, 2015.
  • Suresh Kumar A , Presented and published a paper in the Proceedings of the “International Conference on Innovative Computing and Information Processing – 2012”. ISBN No. : 978 – 81 – 8474 – 758 – 9
  • Suresh Kumar A, Presented a paper on 4th National Conference on Emerging Technologies titled “Social Network Analysis using E-Mail Mining in an Intranet Environment” at C.S.I College of Engineering on 09.02.11.
  • Suresh Kumar A, Presented paper in the “National Level Conference on Extreme Engineering and Technological Advancements (XETA – 2K11)” on 30th April 2011 at Jayam College of Engg & Technology, Dharmapuri.
  • Suresh Kumar A, Presented paper in the “National Conference on Innovations in Computing Techniques” on 18th March 2010 at Mahendra engineering College, Namakkal Dt.

Conference / Seminars / Workshops Organized

  • Organized IEEE Conference on Emerging Devices and Smart Systems(ICEDSS2018) 2018 at Mahendra Engineering College, Namakkal on 2nd and 3rd March 2018
  • Organized IEEE Conference on Emerging Devices and Smart Systems (ICEDSS2017) 2017 at Mahendra Engineering College, Namakkal on 3rd and 4th March 2017.
  • Organized one day International Lecture on “Data Mining : Challenges and Opportunities” in Mahendra Engineering college, Namakkal on 20th July 2017
  • Organized and Participated two days FDP on “Creative Thinking” at Mahendra Engineering College in on 15.12.16 & 16.12.16.
  • Organized and Participated two days’ workshop on “IBM Bluemix” at Mahendra Engineering College on 27.11.15 & 28.11.15.
  • Organized and participated Two days’ workshop on “Internet Protocol Version-6 (IPV -6) at Mahendra Engineering College on 16.03.15 to 17.03.15.

Conference / Seminars / Workshops Attended

  • Participated and Successfully Certified that 3 days Workshop on Artificial Intelligence & Deeper Learning in collaboration with initiative on 25,26 &27th June 2018 at Saintgits College of Engineering, Kerala.
  • Participated One day conference on Salesforce Academic Summit 2018 on 8th May 2018 at Hotel ITC Grand Chola, Guindy, Chennai.
  • Participated Two days FDP on Introduction to Mobile App Development at Narasus Sarathy Institute, Salem on 25th Sept 2017 and 26th Sep 2017
  • Participated one day Seminar on Youth Leadership Submit at Coimbatore on 23rd Aug 2017
  • Participated one day Sales force Director’s Meet at Coimbatore on 24th July 2017
  • Participated one day workshop on outcome based education- validation for success in Mahendra Engineering College, Namakkal on 19th July 2017.
  • Participated 1 day Faculty Enablement Program on “Dynamics of classroom Communication: Shifting gears” in Mahendra Engineering college, Namakkal on 11th May 2017.
  • Participated 2 days National Workshop on “Modeling and simulation of digital image processing using MAT Lab” in Gnanamani college of Technology, Namakkal from 21st to 22nd Apr 2017.
  • Participated 6 days STTP on “CMOS mixed signal & radio frequency VLSI design” in Mahendra Engineering college, Namakkal organized by IIT Kharagpur from 30 Jan 2017 to 4th Feb 2017.
  • Participated Five days’ Workshop on “VMware -Virtualization using VSphere 6.0” at Vivekanandha College of Engineering and Technology, Namakkal on 17.10.16 to 21.10.16.
  • Participated Three days FDP on “VMware Data Center Virtualizations Fundamentals” at Sona College of Technology, Salem on 30.05.16 to 01.06.16.
  • Participated ICTACT Conference on “Bridge 2016” at Coimbatore on 22.06.16
  • Participated one day FDP on “National Cyber Safety and Security Standards” at Anna University, Chennai on 12.04.16.
  • Participated Three days’ workshop on “Ruling Technological of Networks” at Mahendra Engineering College on 30.11.15 to 2.12.15.
  • Participated Four days’ workshop on “Inter Galileo” at Mahendra Engineering College on 03.08.15 to 06.08.15.
  • Participated Author Workshop conducted by Springer and Edanz “How to write for and get published in scientific journals and publish manuscripts” at Anna University: Chennai on 29th January 2013.
  • Participated an orientation program for “Orientation for Competency Development” in association with The Institutions of Engineering (India) on 29th & 30th June 2012 at Mahendra Engineering College.
  • Participated one day Workshop on “National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning” by IIT Madras on 27.10.2012
  • Participated a seminar on “Security Issues in Wireless Networks” 1st & 2nd October 2011 at Kongu Engineering College, Erode Dt.
  • Participated ISTE sponsored workshop on “Proactive approach towards quality in engineering education” on 5th September 2011 at Maha College of Engineering, Salem.
  • Participated 5 days Mission 10X workshop from 18th to 22nd July 2011 at Maha Engineering College Campus, Salem.
  • Participated in 12th ISTE National Convention on “Impact of Technical Education on Socio-Economic Growth of the Nation” at Vinayaga Mission’s Kirupananda Variyar Engineering College, Salem on 26.11.09 & 27.11.09.
  • Participated in Shot Term Training Programme on “Emerging Trends in IT & Wireless Network” at SNS College of Technology, Coimbatore on 24.02.09 to 28.02.09.
  • Participated 11th ISTE Annual Convention & State Level Seminar on “Autonomous Technical Institutions and Universities in the context of higher level knowledge creation” at Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi on 27.09.2008.
  • Participated in Short Term Training Programme on “Linux Administration” at Periyar Centenary Polytechnic College, Thanjavur on 05.03.07 to 09.03.07.

Involvement of R&D Activity

  • Leadingindia- Research Group Member for “AI and deep learning Skilling and Research”
  • AQIS Funded FDP Proposal submitted to AICTE in the title of “Research Frontiers in Advanced IP Networking and Security issues on Internet of Things”

Area of Interest & Papers Handled

  • Computer Networks.
  • Object oriented programming.
  • Computer Architecture.
  • Open Source Software.
  • Basic computing Techniques and C programming
  • Software Engineering
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Microprocessor and Microcontrollers.

Recognition / Additional Responsibility

  • Acted as NBA Coordinator
  • Active Member of Board of Studies for UG
  • Reviewer of Wireless Personal Communication an international Journal- Springer.
  • Organized IEEE Conference
  • Organized 2 Short term Course
  • C & C++ Trainer at our College
  • UG & PG Students project coordinator.
  • In charge for Industrial Visit and In plant Industry Training
  • ICT Academy coordinator
  • Promotional guidance work.

Membership in Association

  • Life time Member of CSI
  • Life time Member of IEANG

Software Exposure

  • Languages : HTML, C, C++, C#, JAVA, PHP
  • Operating System : Windows X, DOS, Linux
  • Packages : MS Office, Visual Basic.
  • Database : MS Access, Oracle, MySQL

Personal Skills

  • Ability to deal with people diplomatically.
  • Hard worker.
  • Active Participant in all Extra Curricular activities.

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