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Mr. Kaushalendra Kr. Dubey

Mr. Kaushalendra Kumar Dubey

Assistant Professor

School of Mechanical Engineering, Galgotias University U.P., India




Ph.D. peruse in Mechanical Engineering (Delhi Technological Univ,Delhi,India); M. Tech (Honors ). in Thermal Engineering(Jamia Millia Islamia,Delhi, India) and B.E. in Mechanical Engineering(RGPV,Bhopal,M.P,, India)

Research Area

Thermal and Energy, Heat Recovery, Solar Energy

Professional Experience

Teaching & Research Experience: 07 years,and Industry Experience: 1 year (R&D Engg-Solar)

Subjects Taught

Basic Thermodynamics, Power Plant Engg. Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning,Thermal Engg Systems, Advanced Thermodynamics, Energy Technology and Energy Management, Heat & Mass Transfer

Major Publications

[Last 5 years; 2011-2016]

  • Gunjan Aggarwal, Mr. Kaushalendra Kumar Dubey,Dr, M.M.Hasan,” Energy Efficient Solar Street Lighting System for Rural Areas.” SOLARIS 2012,IIT Delhi-IT BHU. India.ISBN 978-93-82332-03-9,pp 203-208.7-9 February-2012.
  • .Himanshu Agarwal, Kaushalendra Kr Dubey, Subhas Kamal. “Development of Mechanical Fuel Cleaning System in cost effective manner”, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, ISSN: 2249 – 8958, Volume-2, Issue-4,PP -212-215, April 2013.
  • .Kaushalendra.K.Dubey,R.S.Mishra. A Review on Properties of Phase Change Material for Solar Thermal Storage System. International Journal of Advance Research and Innovation, ISSN 2347 – 3258.Volume 2 ,Issue 2(2014) 342-349.
  • .Kaushalendra.K.Dubey,R.S.Mishra. G.P.Sinha Thermodynamic analysis of  solar thermal syphon pumping system.International Journal of Advance Research and Innovation, ISSN 2347 – 3258.Volume 2,Issue 3.(2014),568-573.
  •  Kaushalendra Kumar Dubey, Gunjan Aggarwal,,M.M.Hasan, Techno-Economic Analysis of solar power based lighting system for Indian rural areas.Journal of Renewable and sustainable energy research.Chrome publication,Vol 1,No 1,2015. Pp1-12.
  • .Gargi Sharma.PC Gupta,Bharat B Gupta,KK Dubey.S Kant,CFD analysis of S123 RTL airfoil. Journal of alternate energy research and technology, .Chrome publication ,Vol 1,No 1,2015,pp 1-11.
  • Washim Alvi,Kaushalendra Kumar Dubey,Pradeep kumar, Aerodynamic study of aircraft geometry (DLR F6),Journal of machine design and applied research. .Chrome publication, Vol1,No1 (2015)
  •  Sanjay Singh Bhadoriya,Kaushalendra Kumar Dubey,Rita Singh Majumdar,”Rheological Charcterization of Blood Flow”Int. Journal Of emerging technology in engineering research,Vol 4,Issue 4,April (2016),Everscience publication,ISSN-2425-6410,33-35.
  •  Anurag Kumar,Akanksha Mishra,Kaushalendra K.Dubey,” Study of Cooling Load for Student Activity Centre, Greater Noida using CLTD/CLF Method ”  International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Engineering Research (IJETER) Volume 4, Issue 2, February (2016),Everscience publication.ISSN 2454-6410.
  • Omprakash Yadav, Kushalendra Kumar Dubey, Saigeeta Priyadarshini, Flow visualisation at the nozzle fitted in a square section test duct by Particle Image Velocimetry system,  International Journal for Research in Applied Science & EngineeringTechnology (IJRASET),pp 511-517,Volume 4 Issue V, May 2016,IC Value: 13.98 ISSN: 2321-9653.
  •  Kaushalendra.K.Dubey,R.S.Mishra. Thermodynamic (Energy-Exergy) analysis of solar integrated power-cooling combined generation system  .International Journal of Advance Research and Innovation, ISSN 2347 – 3258.Volume 4,Issue 31(2016),129-135. (Google scholar, Research Gate,citation database)
  •  Y. Abdulfatah Abdu, T. M. Shafii, K. K. Dubey , U. K. Gupta, Design and Analysis of Pressure Die Casting Die for Automobile Component. Global Journal of Researches in Engineering: A Mechanical and Mechanic Engineering, Global Journals Inc. (USA),Online ISSN:  2249-4596 Print ISSN: 0975-5861.
  •  Kaushalendra.Kr Dubey, R.S.Mishra, Condenser Heat Recovery For Combined Cooling- Heating and Power Generation using Isentropic Fluid, Europian Journal of Engg Research and Science (Belgium),Vol-2,N0-6,e-issn-2506-8016,pp-18-26,june 2017,impact factor-0.65. (DOJ,Google scholar, Research Gate,citation database)
  •  Kaushalendra.Kr Dubey,R.S.Mishra, Thermodynamic study of R134a in Vapour Compression Refrigeration System in Summer Climate, International Journal of  Research  in Engg and Innovation,Vol-1,Issue-2,online-issn-2456-6934,pp-49-53,june 2017. (Google scholar, Research Gate,citation database)
  •  Kaushalendra.Kr Dubey,R.S.Mishra, Industrial And Power Plant Waste Heat Recovery Systems For Combined Cooling-Heating And Power Generation, International Journal of Advance Research and Innovative Ideas in Education,Vol-3,Issue-3, ISSN NO (O):2395-4396,pp-3682-94,june 2017. (Thomson Reuters,UGC-India,Google scholar, Research Gate,citation database).
  •  Kaushalendra.Kr Dubey,R.S.Mishra, Thermodynamic (energy-exergy) analysis of 9MW Coal based thermal power plant using entropy generation principle, American Journal of/ Engg Research (Stamford),ISSN NO (p):2320-0936. pp52-57.(DOJA,Coupernicus,Google scholar,iThenticate,Crossreff Research Gate,citation database).
  • Kaushalendra.Kr Dubey,R.S.Mishra, Dibakar Rakshit, Performance analysis of double bed vapour adsorption refrigeration system for low grade heat recovery and space cooling,Renewable Energy Focus,Elsevier Publication. (Thomson Reuter,SCI,Google scholar, Research Gate,citation database)-under review

Awards & Honors

  • Patent Filed and Published Title of Invention- Solar Thermal Siphon System pump system for Irrigation. Type of Invention- Joint Invention for rural development. Inventionership-Dr Gopal Prasad Sinha, Formerly Director CMERI Durgapur,W-Bengal, India. Mr. Kaushalendra Kumar Dubey, Asst. Prof, Dept of M & AE, Sharda Univ,Gr Noida,U.P,India. Patent Docket No- 9684Application No-1626/DEL/2013 Reference No- E-2/5773/2013-DEL, E-3/5571/2013-DEL, E-5/5240/2013-DEL, Date of Patent Filed - 30/05/2013. Published-Patent Journal of India.Date-19/12/2014
  • SFRF-2016 (Summer Faculty Research Fellowship)-Energy Study Centre,IIT Delhi

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