Innovative Practices and E-Learning Material

Innovation in Teaching-Learning: Best Practices

S. No Faculty Involved Course Code Course Name Name of the Innovative Approach Description
1 Dr. GSN Koteswara Rao BPHT6004 Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics Game Based Learning (GBL) Concept:
Students are tested for their knowledge and understanding through game-based approach. Puzzles, crosswords, fastest finger first etc. are proposed.
Students feel the pleasure of innovative approach and show more interest in attempting the GBL’s. The responses and feedback from students are very good.
2 Dr. Vijay Singh BPHT2002 Pharmaceutical Organic chemistry-II Think-Pair-Share (TPS) Concept:
A cooperative learning activity that gives scope to every student to involve and express their understanding is Think-Pair-Share (TPS). Teacher pose a question asking students to think individually and then ask the students to form as pair with the adjacent student and exchange their thoughts. Later they are allowed to reconstruct their thoughts and share with the whole class.
Every student will be involved, able to express, judge the others views, correct themselves, discuss together to construct the better statements and finally able to share the content to whole class. It improves the communication skills, thinking capacity and self-confidence.
3 Dr. Amrish Kumar BPHT4003 Physical Pharmaceutics-II Case study Concept:
Teacher will explain a story or case study and will allow the students to answer the posed questions. Teacher will moderate the responses of the different students and their views. Impact:
The current generation students are able to pay attention to the stories and case studies. This creates interest in participative learning.
4 Ms. Sonali Sundram BPHT6002 Pharmacology-III Debate Concept:
Students will be given a topic and allowed for debate among themselves with the moderation of a teacher.
Fast learners will utilize the opportunity and that will motivate the other students to be a part of such activity.
5 Dr. Deepika Paliwal BPHT5001 Medicinal Chemistry-II One-minute paper Concept:
At the end of the class, students are asked to write key points of that class within a minute. Sometimes, the activity is also done before the starting of class by asking the students to write key points of previous class. Impact:
Students will have more attention on the class and also try to focus on key aspects


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