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Dr. Shivani Kapoor


 • Academically enriched Educationist with rich academic and administrative experience; offering an illustrious career spanning 20+ years with reputed education institutions 

• Fostered academic and career success through the development of critical thinking and contributing to establish Vision and Mission statement of the institute since its inception. 

• Superior record of promoting the welfare of the institution by enhancing staff efficiency and productivity through effective motivation & guidance. Providing strategic inputs and vision & mission to implement new & advanced educational technologies . Demonstrated professional excellence in setting-up & stabilizing operation of institution complying with all regulatory provisions. Reformist attitude with strong contributions & urge to add value to education policy including curriculum design/ development, policy making, institution image enhancement 

• Adapt in facilitating social and intellectual growth of students by creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication. Demonstrated excellent management and organizational skills to ensure college decorum and discipline as well as well-being of the students 

• Contributed to the teaching of students, including lecturing, consultations with individual students, and supervision of research students; contribute to the development of the curriculum & academic programmes within the discipline assume responsibilities for management .

 • Using knowledge of various facets of teaching and commitment to enhance the quality standards of academic programs by utilizing latest technology, research & learning methods to assure students’ success, confident to provide leadership & guidance to students & staff members. Contributed to establish CO/POand PEO of various departments.

 • Contributed to Improve and increase student success through systematic coordination of career exploration, advising, development, and placement. Worked to develop and implement strategies to enhance career and life planning efforts, career coaching, career exploration, and career placement for students 

• Contributed to the Optimiziation and maximization of the return of institute’s financial assests by developing and implementing financial policies and procedures, reporting systems and methods as well as financial controls.

 • Experstise in designing the admission process and the brand promotion through social media. 

• Expertise in organizing educational conferences, seminars, workshops,FDps, SDPs, Technical fest, Cultural Fest, and educational tours & excursions, providing an opportunity of overall mental and physical development of a student

 • Substantially improved work quality while reducing staff & operational expenses and developed methods for having proper checks and balances 

• Expertise in designing and conducting academic and administrative audits to assess the performance of the individuals and the departments. Establishied the Hiring Process, Greviance Handling and Performance Appraisal system

. • Expertise in designing the feedback mechanism for all stake holders to ensure efficient utilization of all resources and Identifying the educational needs of others, developing formal educational or training programs or classes, and teaching or instructing others

 • Superior record in Consulting with government regulatory and licensing agencies to ensure the institution's conformance with applicable standards. .

 Research Experience(Highlights)

 • Completed a Major project entitled “An empirical study on Women Entrepreneurship in Kanpur” sanctioned from ICSSR. 

• Completed a major Project entitled “ Economics of handloom Industry in Uttar Pradesh- An Empirical Study” sanctioned from ICSSR

 • Completed a Minor research Project under Kanpur University entitled “Promoting International Financial Investment in Tourism and Hospitality in India with special reference to Uttar Padesh”

 • Dr. Ruchika has been awarded PhD. Under my supervision from AKTU university on the title “ Microfinance : An approach to rural credit in Kanpur Dehat” in the year 2021. 

• Appointed as an examiner for PhD. Degree by JS University, Shikohabad

• Registered as a Research Supervisor in subject of economics for the doctoral degree of OPJS University, Rajasthan. 

• Delivered expert lectures for pre PHD students at CSJM Kanpur

 • Coordinator for the implementation of SPOKEN TUTORIAL project of MHRD in collaboration with IIT Bombay for the year 2017.

 • Programme coordinator of DST-NIMAT Project 2016-17: Conducting FDP,WEDP, and TEDP

 • Convener of International conference on Recent Advancements in Computer Science , Communication and Information Technology Held at PSIT Kanpur on 30th Nov-1 st December 2019, presided by Hon’ble, President of India as chief Guest 


 1. Granted utility-based patent title “A Novel Techniques for Determine Problems in the Textile Industry”; Application number2021104353; Date of grant 20/10/2021. 


 1. Published utility-based patent title “IOT and PIR Sensor Gesture Based Smart Switch Board Device”; Application number202211043150; Date of publication- 02/09/2022.

 2. Published utility-based patent title “An IoT Based Effective Energy Saving Highway Light System Using LDR MQ2 Sensor”; Application number- 202211053202; Date of publication-30/09/2022. 

Additional Employments

 • As an Exam Coordinator 

✓ Various university exams covered by CSJM 

✓ CLAT examination 

✓ Entrance exam of ordinance factory

 ✓ SSC competitive entrance exam

 ✓ NTPC entrance exam. 

✓ B.Ed entrance exam

 ✓ Various Bank exams • As an Examiner

 ✓ Academy of Management Studies, Dehradun

 ✓ Jiwaji University, Gwalior 

✓ Viva Examiner at Axis institute of Management in Kanpur 

✓ Head Examiner in Cost and Management Accounting at PSIT Kanpur 

✓ Viva Examiner at BBS, Allahabad for summer training for MBA III semester 

✓ CSJM University 

✓ RAMA University 

✓ As a member of board of studies for subject review of Polytechnic of Uttar Pradesh 


 Ph.D (Economics) Chattrapati Sahu Ji Maharaja University, Kanpur (Year 2008) 

M.A. (Economics) Chattrapati Sahu Ji Maharaja University, Kanpur( Year2002), 

 MBA Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences ,( Year 2013) 

MBA Executive VMU (Year 2011)

 B. Sc (Med) G.N.D.U( Year 1995)( 

B.Ed Kurukshetra University (year1996) 

MA (Education) Chattrapati Sahu Ji Maharaja University, Kanpur (Year 2016) 

Courses from Course Era 

• Human Resource Management: HR for People Managers (University of Minnesota)

 • Psychodiagnostics and Psychological Assessment( National Research Tomsk State University)

 • Introduction to People Analytics ( Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)

 • Managing the Organization (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) • The Power of Macroeconomics: Economic Principles in the Real World (University of California, Irvine) 

• Managing Employee Performance( University of Minnesota)

 • Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Employees (University of Minnesota)

 • Designing the Organization (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

 • Business Strategy (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

 • Corporate Strategy University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

 • Human Resources Management Capstone: HR for People Managers( University of Minnesota)

 • The Power of Microeconomics: Economic Principles in the Real World( University of California, Irvine) 

• International Leadership and Organizational Behavior ( Università Bocconi)

 • Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence (Case Western Reserve University) 

• Managing Employee Compensation (University of Minnesota) 

• Leading Teams: Developing as a Leader( University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

 • Preparing to Manage Human Resources (University of Minnesota) 

• Visionary leadership, identity & motivation: Become a meaning maker( Macquarie University)

 • Entrepreneurship Strategy: From Ideation to Exit (HEC Paris)

 • Leading Teams: Building Effective Team Cultures( University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) 

• The Science of Well-Being (Yale University)

 Books Published/To be Published 

• “Human values and professional ethics” published by Gaura Pustak Sadan, Co-authors: Dr Arpit Awasthi & Mrs. Neeru Tandon

 • Book on Women Entrepreneurship in India published BY Social research Foundation (ISBN 978-81-921665-2-0), Co- authors: Dr Arpit Awasthi & Dr Manoj Trivedi

 • Book on Managerial economics is published with Laxmi Publication

 • Book on Managerial Economics Published by Anand Publications

 • Book on Entrepreneurial Development is under process with Laxmi Publication

 Papers Published 

• Status of Women Under Economic Reforms in the Indian case published in Adhunik Bharat Ki Nari by Sahitya Nilay, Kanpur; ISBN 81-902324-1-X

 • Impact of liberalization on small scale industries published in Liberalization and small scale Industries by Sunrise Publications, New Delhi; ISBN 978-93-80966-03-8

 • Urbanization Trends, issues and its Impact on economy published in Urbanization and economic development by Keshav Publications, New Delhi; ISBN 81-902457-1-6 • Economic Development and environmental sustainability published in Impact of energy conservation on Indian Economy by Kanishka Publishers, Distributors, New Delhi; ISBN 978-81-8457-359-6 

• Impact of Globalization on Higher education Dynamics in India published in Sustaining Management Education in India in 21st Century: Issues , Challenges & Strategies by Wisdom Publications, New Delhi; ISBN 978-93-81505-59-5 

• Women Entrepreneurship: Emerging Perspectives and Issues published in Women entrepreneurship in India by Social Research Foundation, Kanpur; ISBN-978-81-921665-2-0

 • Globalization of Higher education Through FDI published in Sustaining Management Education in India in 21st Century: Issues , Challenges & Strategies by Wisdom Publications, New Delhi; ISBN 978-93-81505-59- Papers Published in Peer Reviewed Journals 


 • Role of Self Help Groups in Kanpur Dehat with special reference to Akbarpur, Maitha and Rasulabad ,Impact factor: 5.86 

• A STUDY OF SELF-HELP GROUPS IN KANPUR DEHAT • Self-Help Groups: Importance of Credit and Training in creating opportunity to the members in Kanpur Dehat 

• Kiranization of Indian Malls in Proficient – An International Journal of Management; ISSN0975-475X • Export Credit Guarantee Corporation: Helping Hands for exporters in Resonance - An International Journal; ISSN NO 0976-8602

 • Strategic plans: Utility and success in Proficient – An International Journal of Management; ISSN0975-475X 

• Banking Sector reforms And Profitability Performance of Banks in India published in Shodh; ISSN 2249-152X 

• Indian Agriculture: Feminization or De- Feminization published in Varta; ISSN: 0970 9177

 • Wise decision making: Lessons from Mahabharata for business leaders published in International Journal of Advanced andInnovative Research. ISSN 2394-7780 

Papers Presented 

• Economic liberalization and Poverty at National seminar on Rural development and entrepreneurship in global scenario at Govt. Degree College, Manikpur, Chitrakoot, (U.P)

 • Tourism and Indian economy at National seminar on Indian Tourism – A journey for incredible India at HNB (P.G.) College, Allahabad 

• Managing the deteriorating bonds of Personal and social relationship at National seminar on Managing the deteriorating bonds of Personal and social relationship at Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Kanpur 

• Organizational Development and its effectiveness at National seminar on Organizational Development and its effectiveness at HNB (P.G.) College, Allahabad

• Consumer Protection at International seminar organized by Swami Shukhdevanand (P.G.) College, Saharanpur

 • Role of I.T. in the current scenario at International seminar on Role of Information Technology in shaping world economy at Swami Shukhdevanand (P.G.) College, Saharanpur

 • Global Business Horizons: Challenges and Opportunities at International seminar organized by Dr. GHSIMR, Kanpur

• Global Financial Crisis& lessons learnt from Indian Economy at International seminar on Global Business Recessions: Lessons learnt at Prestige Institute of Management

 • Impact of Inflation on Indian Economy at National seminar organized by D.A.V. College, Kanpur

 • Globalisation and its impact on Indian Economy at seminar organized by U.P. Political Science Association

 • Challenges of sustainable Development in India at National seminar on Sustainable development an land resources: Opportunities and challenges at Armapore P.G. College, Kanpur • Women Empowerment: Some issues at National seminar on Gender budgeting and Women empowerment at Supath Gramodhyog Sansthan • Empowerment of Adolescent Girls at National seminar organized by Ananya Institute for Development Research and Social Action 

• W.T.O. & India at National seminar on W.T.O. – Impact on Indian Economy at D.A.V. College, Kanpur 

• Competitiveness of Small Scale industries at National seminar on Marketing strategies for the development of Small Scale Industries at DAMS, Kanpur

 • Financial inclusion at National seminar on Financial Regulations & Corporate Governance at United Institute of Management 

• Global Financial Crisis- Root Cause to international Management crisis at seminar organized by UPEA

 • Global Warming and its impact on Indian economy at National seminar on Climate change - impact and assessment at D.B.S. College, Kanpur

 • Higher Education and Economic Development in India: in the Back drop of globalization at National seminar organized by Juhari Devi Girls P.G. College, Kanpur

 • Uneven Growth Pattern of Indian Economy at National seminar organized by IEA

 • Development Experience of India: A Comparison with China at National seminar on Development Experience of India & China : A Comparative Outlook at MMV, Kanpur 

• Role of Teacher in the development of creativity at National seminar organized by Abhinav Sewa Sansthan, Kanpur 

• An Asset to Corporate India at National seminar organized by VSIPS, Kanpur 

• Global Challenges in the face of Economic Uncertainty at National seminar on Strategies and solutions for Turbulent Economic Scenario at Gurukul Vidhyapeeth, Patiala 

• Effective Communication : Old traditions and new challenges at National seminar organized by Allen House, Kanpur

 • Behavior Communication at National seminar on Importance of soft skills in liberalization, privatization& globalization era at KGEC, Kanpur

 • India in 2020 at National seminar on Entrepreneurship in Next Decade &Economic Status of India in 2010 at Five School of Business

 • The Impact of Monetary Policy in Banking Sector at National seminar organized by Banshi College of Management Studies

 • Digital Education Usage models for the classroom of the future at National seminar on Learner’s Centered Teaching Methodologies : A need for dynamic management education system at STEP-HBTI, Kanpur

 • Personality Development & Communication Skill at National seminar organized by FICCI

 • Global Financial Crisis and its Impact on India at National seminar organized by IEA 

• Bhartiyta Ke Tatva-Vartman Sthithi at National seminar organized by Rashtria Samajik Vigan Parishad 

• Women Entrepreneurship and development: Challenges and Strategies at National seminar organized by Dr. Virendra Swarup Institute of Professional Studies 

• Tourism and Hospitality in India-A path towards globalization at 2nd National Seminar on Hospitality & Tourism Management held at CSJM university ,Kanpur

 • Sustainable Development in India- Economic Issues and Policy initiatives at International Conference held at Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow. 

• The challenge of Good Governance in India : Need for Innovative approaches at international seminar on Changing Economic Parameters and Prospects of Growth in India and South Asia held by Department of Economics at University of Lucknow.

 • Tourism in India Hospitality and Indian Economy at 3rd National Seminar on Hospitality & Tourism Management held at CSJM university ,Kanpur

 • Building Relations , Building brands : An humanistic approach to Brand Building held at GHS-IMR, Kanpur

 • Companies Act 2013 : A Boon for developing Indian Economy at national conference held at IBM, Kanpur University in Collaboration with board of studies ( ICAI) 

• Reorganisation of Higher education in Present Scenario organized by S.N. Sen College, Kanpur

 • Globalization of insecurity at international seminar on Globalization and Human security : Issues and Challenges organized by Sri Varshney College, Aligarh FDP 


  • Award as a source of inspiration by Saksham 

  • Atal Bihar Vajpayee Avantika National Award 2018.

FDP/Workshop Attended

• Eight day FDP on Human values and Professional Ethics organized by AKTU 

• Case based Teaching Methodology organized by STEP HBTI 

• Workshop on Paradigm Shift in Management organized by Allenhouse business school, Kanpur

 • Seven day Advanced FDP on Human values and Professional Ethics organized by AKTU

 • Participated in Two Day FDP on "Inovative Approach in Teaching with Special Reference to Professional Education" organized by Allenhouse Business School & STEP-HBTI Kanpur on 06 Jan 2018.

 • Undergone three day FDP on Advance Excel Techniques from ICT IIT Kanpur from 4-6 May 2019. Seminars/Workshops/Conferences 

• Convener of the 2nd National Conference “Biotech world 2010: Start up with Biotechnology organized at Dayanand Academy of management Studies.

 • Co Convener of ICSSR sponsored national seminar on marketing strategies for small scale industries held at Dayanand Academy of Management Studies 

• Co convener of the national seminar on “Do Corporate need Gandhi” held at Dayanand Academy of management studies.

 • Organizing secretary of National Seminar on “Dynamics of women entrepreneurship in India : Challenges and strategies held at “Dr. Virendra Swarup institute of Professional Studies,” under the Aegis of ICSSR

 • Convener of Two-day National Seminar on "Impact of Tourism on Income and Employment in Indian Economy in the Globalized Era: Problem and Challenges" organized on 09-10 Aoril 2016. 

• Convener of EDP Programme under the aegis of MSME 

• Convener and Project Coordinator of WEDP programme under the aegis of DST-NIMAT between 19th September-18th October 2016. 

• Member of organizing committee of One Day Seminar on Industry-Academia Partnership on R&D Initiatives.

 • Convener of the hospitality team in 48th Mid-term Symposium on The Internet of Everything (IOET - 2017) organized by IETE HQ New Delhi, IETE Kanpur Centre and PSIT Kanpur at PSIT Campus on 8-9 April 2017 

• Convener of Conclave on “Roadmap for Holistic Development of Uttar Pradesh" organized on 28th Oct 2017 at PSIT Kanpur.

 • Director General of PSIT Model United Nations Conference held at PSIT on feb 3-4 , 2018.

 • Convenor of International Conference on Significance of Yoga& South Asian Culture in Modern Management Practices held at PSIT Kanpur during October 21-23 , 2018. 

• Convener of FDP on “Multivariate Analysis using R” from 24 – 29 June 2019.

 • Convener of International conference on Recent Advancements in Computer Science , Communication and Information Technology Held at PSIT Kanpur on 30th Nov-1 st December 2019, presided by Hon’ble, President of India as the Chief Guest SPOC Swayam –Nptel’s Brand Ambassador at PSIT College of Higher Education.

 Lifetime Memberships

 • IEA, New Delhi 

• UPEA, Varanasi 

• Socio Economic Development Research Foundation

 • KMA