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Dr. Divesh Garg

Assistant Professor

Dr. Divesh Garg is currently working as Assistant Professor (Grade-III) in School of Basic and Applied Sciences. He has research experience of 6 years and has been associated with Galgotias University since July 2018. He is firm believer of productivity and efficiency in work. He exhibits an honest work ethic with the ability to excel in fast-paced, time-sensitive environment. Being a passionate teacher, he believes that teaching is not merely restricted to making the students understand the underlying concepts of a course but also to develop critical thinking and evaluate alternate approaches for problem solving. He always put his efforts towards the overall developments of his students.


  • 8.5 years of research experience


  • PhD

  • M.Sc.


  • He has presented research papers in various National and International conferences & total 10 papers published in various international Journals. Some of the publications are listed below:
    1. Garg, D., & Garg, R. (2022). Performance analysis of the briquette machine considering a neglected faults with preventive maintenance. International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management, 1-9.
    2. Garg, D., Garg, R., & Garg, V. (2022). Inspecting briquette machine with different faults. Recent Advances in Computer Science and Communications (Formerly: Recent Patents on Computer Science)15(4), 481-486.
    3. Garg, D., & Garg, R. (2021). Reliability modelling and performance analysis of bio-coal manufacturing system with deviation in demand. Life Cycle Reliability and Safety Engineering10(4), 403-409.

Area of Interest

  • Reliability Modelling

  • Optimization