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  • CEO, Galgotias University

Charismatic and an out of box thinker, Dhruv Galgotia is spearheading the making of Galgotia University as an Institute of excellence. The young CEO, Dhruv has been honoured By National and International Luminaries for his innovative global education system.

Striking A Difference

With a knack for projecting pragmatism with idealism into work - life decisions, Dhruv has fast tracked the growth trajectory at Galgotia Committed to international education in India. His focus is on collaborative global education system for greater impetus to academic excellence at Galgotias.

Holistic Development

Blessed with energy of logic, Dhruv is firm believer in continuous research and innovation to identify and execute never ways for real value addition to students' growth. Galgotia University today can proudly boast of many clubs like culture, fine arts, dance, recreation, sports etc ensuring the university as a hub of academic and human excellence. Dhruv works closely with students to ensure they get the support for new ideas, research and innovation at Galgotias.

Champion of Sports

Sports enthusiast, Dhruv has excelled in many sports like swimming and tennis competitions, he is passionate about the sports clubs at Galgotias and ensures optimum and state of the art sports facilities for all.

Success Mantra?

My success mantra is to dream big and focus on achieving that dream, I feel it is also a minute of hard work, perseverance, support of destiny and blessings from the allrighty.

The Beginning

During the early years, there was a considerable gap in the way quality higher education in India was provided in our country. There was a large faction of students going to pursue their higher studies out of India, Thereby resulting in an increase in Brain-drain and also causing a heavy financial loss to the nation.

To fill this gap and follow our quest of providing quality education, we established our institutes with a vision to provide our students with education and skills comparable to the best universities of the world.

So ultimately, it was my desire to think out of the box and also to a desire to achieve my goal and contribute to our nation.

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