Professional Memberships

S. No Faculty Name Membership of Professional societies
1 Prof. Pramod Kumar Sharma Lifetime member of ISTE, Reg No. LM 22427and IPGA, Reg No. LM/1401; PCI Reg No. 5079
2 Dr. S.N Koteswara Rao G Member and Reviewer of American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), USA (2017-20) No. 248939; Life member of IPA (Indian Pharmaceutical Association) No. AP/WALT/LM/042; Life member of APTI (Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India) No. AP/LM-18; Life member of IPGA (Indian Pharmacy Graduates Association) No. 8047; Registered Pharmacist at Andhra Pradesh State Pharmacy Council, No. 055991/A1; Life Member of Association of Pharmacy Professionals, APP/TS/LM-181/20; Member of Innovative Education and Scientific Research Foundation No. IESRF/2021/106; Basic Member of World Economics Association, UK.
3 Dr. Md. Aftab Alam Lifetime member of APTI, Reg No. HA/LM/093 & IPGA, Reg no. M 3754, PCI Reg No. 16581
4 Dr. Vijay Singh Life time member of IPA, Reg No. CHA/LM/0042; PCI Reg No.1149
5 Dr. Niranjan Kaushik PCI Reg no. 35025
6 Dr. Amrish Kumar PCI Reg No.51655
7 Dr. Amit Singh Life time member of APTI, Reg No. UP/LM -149; PCI-23149, Member of India Red Cross Society (Reg. No. 1616)
8 Dr. Deepika Paliwal PCI Reg No. 19936
9 Dr. Shaweta Sharma Member of Association of Community Pharmacists of India; PCI Reg No. 014517
10 Dr. Kalpana P.Rahate Lifetime member of APTI, Reg No. KE/LM -155; ISTE, Reg No. LM 65951; IPA, Reg No. MAH/NAG/LM/0079; PCI Reg no. 31457
11 Dr. Shikha Yadav PCI Reg No. 4117
12 Dr. Samiksha Kaul Lifetime member of Indian Pharmacy Graduate's Association (IPGA), Reg No. LM-3470; Lifetime member of Society of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (SPER), Reg no. SPER/LM/UP/032; PCI Reg No. PHAR007596
13 Dr. Ashok Kumar Gupta PCI Reg No.32464
14 Dr. Md Nasar Mallick PCI Reg No.11687
15 Dr. Rishabha Malviya PCI Reg No. 53758
16 Dr. Prem Shankar Mishra PCI Reg No. 51572
17 Mrs. Neha Sharma PCI reg No. 38839
18 Ms. Awaneet kaur PCI Reg no. 71093
19 Mr. Debashish Paramanick Lifetime member of APTI, Reg No.MP/LM-488; PCI Reg No. 48785
20 Ms. Sonali Sundram PCI Reg No. 23490
21 Ms. Swati Verma PCI Reg no. 94571
22 Ms. Anjali Gupta PCI Registration No. 35381
23 Ms. Shikha Chaudhary PCI Reg no. 66099
24 Mr. Rakesh Sahu Lifetime member of IPA, Reg No. UP/LUCK/SM/0249; PCI Reg No. 28676
25 Mrs. Pratibha Kumari PCI Reg No. 65927
26 Mrs. Jyoti Pandey PCI Reg No.7280
27 Mr. Satendera Kumar PCI Reg no. 76474
28 Mr. Bahadur Singh PCI Reg no. 74858
29 Ms. Sanjana Chauhan PCI Reg no. 48830
30 Ms. Shagun jain Lifetime member of IPGA, Reg No. LM 6452; Member of Delhi Pharmacist Association;  Member Rotary club, PCI Reg No. 27167  
31 Mr. Shriyansh Srivastava PCI Reg No. 92771




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