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We live in an information society where the development of information technology and tele communication networks is accompanied by corresponding increase in knowledge with a rapidly growing flow of information.

The transformation of a traditional library from the storehouses of books and journals to the modern library as a powerhouse of knowledge and information and also the Information and Communication Technology developments have drastically changed the organization, management and functioning of modern libraries. Libraries have now been redefined as places with unrestricted access to information in many formats and from many sources.

With these unprecedented changes, it should not be surprising that there is an increasing demand for better access to global information to enable users to have a bigger picture of the world in which they are living. In addition management and interpersonal skills will make librarians more effective managers of networked sources and services. The existence of a modern and service library equipped with the latest technologies has become inevitable for an academic institution that tends to progress in multidimensional ways.

The fact that technology is ever-evolving has a direct bearing on library practices and subsequently on Library and Information Science education, which aims at providing trained manpower to manage different types of libraries and information centres which ,over a period of time have undergone changes in terms of needs, functions, types, tools, techniques and range of services offered.

The library/information professionals must change and adapt to the new electronic information environment, learn about new technologies and be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Our basic objective is to produce such library professionals who are able to cope up with the changing scenario and to stand up to the challenges of modern information society.

With this vision Galgotias University has introduced the graduate, postgraduate and research programs in this much sought after professional subject. The University aims to set new standards for success based on the increasing quest for knowledge and excellence with a pragmatic mindset. The University has designed scientific, rational and structured systems that would provide a rigorous academic program with necessary skills to enable the students to excel in their careers.




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