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It is a pleasure to welcome you to the School of Liberal Education at Galgotias University! We are so excited that you are joining us, as we completely redesign our school, rethink our programs, and center you, our dear students, as you prepare to engage with ideas and challenge yourself to become a better human and citizen!

I'm sure you may be asking "what exactly is liberal education" or "what are the liberal arts?" Liberal arts is the term used to define those fields of study that both seek to understand and to interrogate the individual, society, and the systems in which both operate. These fields are dynamic and have a long history rooted in various civilizations, all of which have contributed to a complex understanding of the world in which we live. A liberally educated mind is one that can synthesize, critique, analyze, and think independently and creatively. A student of liberal education is one who has been encouraged to think outside the box, who challenges and debates issues, and has the ability to "connect the dots" in new and interesting ways. A liberal mind is one who thinks for themselves, is bold in their perspective, and is thoroughly engaged with the world around them. 

Graduates of the liberal arts work in a variety of arenas, and it is the above mentioned skills that will make you so marketable. From technology firms to the civil service, from consultancies to the wide world of NGOs, and from pursuing further studies (masters and PhD) to being social entrepreneurs, graduates of liberal education bring with them both the critical and intellectual skills as well as the "soft skills" that include leadership, teamwork, and intercultural sensitivity (among many others) that are so desired by the professional world. The possibilities open to you as a graduate in liberal education are endless!

The 2019-2020 year will be a transformative one for our school, as we completely reimagine liberal education, how we teach it, how we develop and mentor our students, and how we assess your learning over the course of your 3 years at Galgotias. We, as an entire school, will be engaged in innovative ways of teaching, working with our students to develop graduates who can express themselves and take ownership of their own learning. We are implementing methods that are rigorous, and that center you, the student, in your own learning process. We are working to give you choices, encourage you and support you to take ownership of your learning and your future, and to serve as guides and mentors as you take this exciting academic journey.

At Galgotias University, we are committed to providing our students with a rigorous, methodical and innovative approach to the study of their respective fields. We are proud to have such a high-quality faculty who have joined us from top universities in India, and who are committed to your success. I invite you to browse through our site to learn about our Liberal Arts Model, discover our programs, meet our faculty, and find out where your interests lie as you both begin and continue your journey with us at Galgotias University.

On behalf of the School of Liberal Education, welcome, and we look forward to working with you as you discover yourselves, map out the path of your life, and become more engaged students, citizens, and human beings.




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