The branches and leaves: Reaching for the sky and exploring new horizons

The branches and leaves of a tree reach up to the sky, explore new horizons, are uninhibited, and give back to nature and humanity. In our model, this represents your exploring new horizons, engaging with new and challenging ideas, thinking about the world in new ways, and making connections that are truly interdisciplinary.

This part of our model represents our attempt to bring two things to your educational experience. First, we want you to take courses that truly engage with the complexity of thought and issues in our modern society today. And second, we will expect you to engage in two types of experiential learning opportunities that will enhance the classroom learning in which you are engaged.

The first part of our interdisciplinary learning sequence will require students to take 3 courses that will be specially designed for SLE students and will focus on connections between the social sciences and humanities, and to the arts and the physical and natural sciences. These courses will be taught as seminars, in which students will be heavily engaged in discussions, analysis, and will offer much opportunity to engage with complex and interesting ideas.

The second part of our interdisciplinary learning component is going to be focused on research and internships. We firmly believe that NO student of liberal education can graduate without being a proficient and effective writer, who can explore ideas and write about them. We will require all of our graduates to conduct at least two independent research projects under the supervision of any of our faculty members. Faculty members will serve as guides and mentors to you as you explore any topic of your interest and produce a paper that reflects your hard work. The second part of this component is going to be at least one required internship. Internships offer you the opportunity to put theory into practice - that which you learn in the classroom can be put into practice into an organization to which you give time and energy and learn about professional standards and ethics in a real-world context. We will work with you to identify appropriate sites for internships and guide you through your internship period.




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