Liberal Education Model at Galgotias University

The liberal arts have been implemented globally using a variety of models, and in the true tradition of both education and the liberal arts, there is no "one right way". Here at Galgotias, we have worked to develop a model that is in line with the vision of the university “to be known globally for value-based education, research, creativity and innovation”. It is in this vein that we have developed “The Tree Model” to represent our model for liberal education at the university.

Liberal Education Model at Galgotias University

Before going on, let us think about the tree and what it represents. In cultural and spiritual systems around the world, the tree represents life, knowledge, the spirit, our connectedness to the divine, our fear of the unknown, the power of nurturing energies, the ability to sprout from humble beginnings (a small seed produces such a magnificent tree). In Native American mythology, different trees represent immortality, light, and peace. In Hindu cultures, trees are seen as connecting to the divine and symbols of spiritual growth and personal development. In Islam, the holy texts refer to trees as being symbols of the faithful and as representations of the individual responsibility to self, society, and God. In Christianity, the Tree of Life has been understood by its adherents as being our connection to the divine, and represents love of and for the divine.

The tree is a powerful symbol and it is for this reason that we have decided to use the tree for our model. For us in the School of Liberal Education, we use the tree to represent both our model and what we hope for for you as a student. We lay down strong roots the develops a strong bark, from which sprout leaves and fruit that give back to society, nation, and the world. The tree is immovable yet supple, it is strong yet nurturing, and in every aspect of its existence, it gives back to the earth, to the air, and to humanity.




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