Under Graduate Programs

B.A. (Hons.) in Applied Psychology


The course provides a comprehensive understanding of psychological processes their role in determining our behavior, relationships and imparts research skills necessary to evaluate the scientific claims of psychology. It also provides specialized exposure to students in the area of their interest.

Post Graduate Programs

M.A in Applied Psychology


The course aims at educating and training students for their future Career in various fields of psychology. Students will be provided with theoretical inputs along with professional training in the main domains of the Applied Psychology. There will be an intensive focus on the understanding of the fundamental psychological processes and research methods in Applied Psychology. The program aims to train students to be reflective, competent and tuned to effective research and professional applications.

Doctoral Programs

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Psychology

Programs Overview

Ph.D. Information Brochure

Eligibility Notes : A Master's degree from a recognised Indian University or any other equivalent degree to the satisfaction of the Academic Council of the University, in the relevant field, with not less than 55% marks in aggregate or 6.0 CGPA on a 10 point scale or equivalent.

Fee Notes :

Diploma in Counselling

Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling (PGDC)


This course aims to provide students with a solid conceptual foundation and thorough understanding of the discipline of Psychology. Courses are designed in a way that helps students to understand the basic nature, distribution and dynamics of Applied Psychology, at local, national and international level. It also helps in exploring contextual frame work of human behavior, philosophies, psychological issues and implementation of theories when it comes to the understanding of real world.

The unique practices we use to make students understand the subject are as following

Assignments: Students are made to write small assignments on current issues or topics every month, where they are free to select their topics. This exercise helps them analyze and understand the current issues in an interesting manner.

Presentations: The assignments are presented by students in class, followed by interactive sessions.

Debates: Every week a topic is given to the students and during activity slots on Friday, our students actively participate in these debates. This helps them gain the confidence and improves their public speaking powers.

Major-Minor: Students can opt any subject available at School of Humanities and Social Sciences as a Minor subject. It enables student to develop an interdisciplinary approach and opens up the avenues to go for further studies in any subject (major or minor).

Major Graduate Thesis: It is a piece of independent research in which research tools are used and all the parameters of good research are followed. It helps students to learn, explore the new things and gain insight about the world beyond books. They select their own topic, form hypothesis with the help of supervisor, create research objectives, visit field if required and then writes the report.

Use of documentary films: During activity slots we try to show them documentary films on various psychological and contemporary issues including gender etc.

Workshop: we organize workshop on regular basis to help our students understand the administration of psychological test in real life setting.

Projects: Major Graduate Thesis : Final year students are required to go through major graduate thesis where primary data collection is encouraged and original piece of research is entertained.

Present and future plans for the development of the students

  • We are planning to have a projector in our class room so that students can be taught through PPTs as visuals become more effective when combined with the lectures.
  • We are also planning a visit to some area of Uttar Pradesh to study the mental health practices and industries to make them understand psychology of work place.





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