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Message from the University Librarian

Welcome to the Galgotias University Library. Our mission is to enhance teaching and learning at Galgotias University through the provision of flexible, diverse, and user-centered information services and resources.

The library staff strives to create an organization that is receptive to innovation, recognized for efficient management, and focused on continuous improvement in our services, resources, and facilities. To that end, we value your comments—user feedback is reviewed that results into service / resource enhancements.

I invite you to take full advantage of the services and resources, we offer.

Dr. Debal C. Kar


The University Library occupies a place of pride in Galgotias University and is an essential component of the Institute's outstanding research and education mission. It serves as a creative and innovative partner in supporting teaching, learning, scholarship and research activities of the Institute. It is the most lively place on the campus providing a conducive environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge and promotes discovery and scholarship. The pleasant ambience and the well-furnished library with spacious reading rooms create an atmosphere of serenity and thereby inspire intellectual stimulation and research.

Working Hours

  • Library opening hours on all working days is from 8:00 A.M. to 8 P.M.;
    Sundays from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
  • The Issue/Return transaction counters are kept open from 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. during weekdays and on Sundays from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
  • Library extends the opening hours up to midnight during examinations.
  • Hostel Library Reading Hall is kept open throughout the week from 6 PM to 6 AM.

The Library is open on all days except the government declared holidays.

Library Membership

  • Library Membership to GU Community: Free membership of the Library is given to all the students, research scholars, faculty and staff of Galgotias University.
  • Library Membership to GU Alumni: GU Alumni are permitted to get the Library Membership and use the Library Facilities, if they produce the written permission from the Director/Vice Chancellor of the College/University for 30 days with deposit of Rs. 1000/- (Refund – Rs. 500/-)

Loan Privileges

Item Category Borrowers Type No. of Books Loan Period Overdue Charges




Faculty Members 6 One Semester Rs.5/- per day for each overdue item
Non-Teaching Staff 4 One Semester
Research Scholar 6 1 month
PG Students 6 14 Days
UG Students 4 14 Days
NON BOOK MATERIAL Faculty 2 2 Days
Students 2 2 Days



General Library Rules and Regulations

  • Library Patrons should always carry their ID cards while visiting the Library. In case, a student does not produce it, he/she may not be permitted to use the library facilities.
  • All students/research scholars visiting the library shall deposit their belongings and bags at the property/belongings counter.
  • Eatables and beverages are prohibited to bring in the Library.
  • All should maintain strict silence inside the library, engaging in discussion /conversation/ group study inside the reading area is strictly prohibited.
  • All users while leaving the library must show all books, papers, folders, etc. in their possession before exit.
  • Users should not mark, cut, deface, mutilate or damage library book(s) and other resources. If anyone is found doing so, he/she will be charged the full replacement cost of the book(s) or resource. Books borrowed should be protected from rain, dust and insects etc.
  • The library keeps the right to call back any issued book(s)/item at any time.
  • Books, journals, etc. taken for reading from the shelves, if not required for reference, should left it on the table nearest to them. Students should not try to re-shelve the books themselves.
  • There will be an overdue charge of Rs.5/- per book per day after the due date.
  • Mobiles phones are to be kept on silent mode or switched off in the library reading halls to maintain dignified silence.
  • Computer terminals should be used are for educational purpose.
  • Copyright Law should be strictly followed by all users when making copies of library materials.

Users violating the rules of the library shall be accountable to forfeit the library privileges and its services and their library membership is liable for termination.


With the fast-growing collection, both in digital and print form using the state-of-the-art facilities, the Library is contributing to the University's mission of becoming a world class Institute. The collection of the Library is rich and diverse, especially in terms of the breadth and depth of coverage. Collection encompasses subjects in Communication technology, Computer science, Electronics, Information technology, Medical and Allied sciences, Humanities, Social sciences and related areas. This collection includes books, Research Journals, conference proceedings, Project reports, CDs etc. The library has committed itself to provide the best possible core collection. Its collection development policy is formulated keeping in view of the University's mission statement and strategic plan in mind. It is linked very closely to the general and specific programs of the varsity and is in conformity with the information needs of the user population.

The rich collection of the library comprises of the following resources

  • Total no. of Books - 113670
  • Total no. of Print Journals - 57
  • Total no. of CDs/DVDs - 3377
  • Total no. of Project Reports – 1520

Electronic Databases & Online Journals

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a professional association for electronic engineering and electrical engineering (and associated disciplines) with its corporate office in New York City and its operations center in Piscataway, New Jersey. It offers journals in Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science and IT. Click Here

SCC Online is brought to you by Eastern Book Company – a publishing house of international repute and an acknowledged leader in the field of law publishing in India for more than 75 years. Now running into nearly 300 volumes, it is the leading law report of India with a very wide circulation and readership. Click Here

Manupatra is India’s premier online research service for the legal community. Manupatra enables legal professionals to retrieve cases, statutes, and other documents from Manupatra’s vast library of legal and business materials. Click Here

iThenticate is the premier tool for researchers and professional writers to check their original works for potential plagiarism. With an easy to use submission process that checks for similarity against the world’s top published works, researchers and institutions can feel confident that their academic reputation will be protected. Click Here

DELNET was started at the India International Centre Library in January 1988 and was registered as a society in 1992. It was initially supported by the National Information System for Science and Technology (NISSAT), Department of Scientific and Industrial Reseach, Government of India. It was subsequently supported by the National Informatics Centre, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India. DELNET has been established with the prime objective of promoting resource sharing among the libraries through the development of a network of libraries. It aims to collect, store, and disseminate information besides offering computerized services to users, to coordinate efforts for suitable collection development and also to reduce unnecessary duplication wherever possible. Click Here

Bentham Science Pharmacy Collection includes Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Medical research journal articles Click Here serves with authentic and the most comprehensive statistical information about India and its states on various socio-economic parameters, such as demographics, economy, agriculture, civil supplies and consumer affairs, environment and forest, industries, infrastructure, companies, education, health, housing, labour & workforce, polity, media, insurance, tourism, crime & law, social welfare schemes etc. Click Here

Knimbus eLibrary is a rich content platform for institutions to build their customized eLibrary portal which provides their users all the knowledge available through the library on any device from anywhere. Click Here

Open Access Resources

Online Courses



Digital library

Theses and Dissertations




Browse by Countries/Categories: Newspapers/Magazines

Digital Library

The university has a well equipped digital library consisting of 30 PC nodes / laptop, includes IBM INTEL Core based servers connected on a high speed Gigabit Ethernet Fibre Optic/UTP based network in a distributed Windows and Linux environment. All these nodes have access to the Internet through a 100 MBPS leased line. Application software like MS Project, SPSS, SQL Server, is extensively used. Facilities for Scanning & printing include high speed Laser Jet Network printers are available in Library. Galgotias University is completely connected with excellent Wi-Fi network. It has advanced IT facilities with adequate systems loaded with licensed Operating Systems and Software Packages. The network infrastructure is being served by HP Servers, Servers including Domain Controllers, DNS Servers, Mail Server, Proxy Server, Database Server and Print Server. The power infrastructure is supported with heavy duty uninterrupted power supply for all systems and servers to avoid data loss. The university library has a well equipped Digital Library having 30 terminals in it for student’s access, where they can access the following open online resources:-

  • Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC) produced curriculum based and enrichment based (supplementary learning) educational video programmes for UG level covering major streams.
  • Learning Object repository (LOR) multimedia contents based on FAQs on various topics to enhance the learning experience
  • Broadcasting Media various educational programmes and contents via different media being broadcasted by CEC.
  • Vyas Higher Educational Channel a 24x7 run channel broadcasts educational programmes on various subjects.
  • Swayam Prabha a group of 32 DTH channels devoted to telecast high quality educational programmes.
  • e-PG Pathshala the MHRD project for development/production of high quality, curriculam based, interactive E-content (course where) in 77 PG subjects across all disciplines.
  • E-Kalpa a project on creating digital learning environment for design.


Click Here

Institutional Repository (IR) offers metadata of GU Publications such as Faculty Publications, Project Reports, Dissertations, Thesis, Internal Resources, Question Bank, Syllabus as well as digital resources.

Content Guidelines

  • The work must be creative and created or sponsored by the GU faculty, staff, student.
  • Faculty publications, including books, articles, book chapters, preprints, etc.
  • Unpublished faculty works
  • Monographs
  • Working papers and technical reports
  • Conference /Seminar papers or presentation material
  • Journals and other contents published from the GU
  • Image, Audio, Video Collections, etc.
  • Project Reports, Theses, Dissertations.

Restricted Contents

The following content is not acceptable for archiving in the Digital Repository.

  • If content barred by law, regulation, contract, etc.
  • Non-public, personally recognizable contact or financial info (including, but not limited to, private residential addresses, account numbers or balances, etc.)

Photos, auditory, cinematic recordings of persons, unless all individuals depicted have given overt written approval to the publication of all these materials.

Data access policy

Access to the IR is fully controlled. The content must be used for personal study, not for any commercial tenacity, and the things must not be copied or distributed without formal permission from the institution or copyright holders.

Resource Sharing

Beside its own resources, GU Library has also taken institutional membership of DELNET-developing library network, New Delhi to satisfy the needs of researchers and students of the institute. The prime objective of this association is to promote resource sharing among the libraries through the development of a network of libraries.

Guidelines for usage of ILL/DDS services through DELNET-Developing Library Network

  • The Users can access DELNET database through IP enabled access ( The link can also be accessed from library webpage.
  • DELNET Digital Resources Database provides links to Union Catalogue of Books (which provides only bibliographic information of books available in different Member-Libraries) and Union List of Journals (provides only bibliographic information of journals available in different Member-Libraries). DELNET also provides access to many other useful resources like: Dictionaries Online, Networked Digital Library of Thesis & Dissertations, Open Access Journals, U.S. Patents: Full Text, MEDLINE & other databases of NLM etc.
  • The Users may search the GU library Web OPAC at the first for their needed documents. If it is not offered in the library, then they may search the Catalogue of Books or Union List of Journals on DELNET database. If they find their books or journals in DELNET database, they can send the request to the library mentioning full bibliographical details of the desired information. The request from students shall be routed through concerned faculty member. The Librarian shall forward their request to DELNET for delivery of physical books through ILL (Inter Library Loan) or for PDF/Photocopies of journal articles through its DDS (Document Delivery Service). On receipt of desired documents from DELNET, the librarian shall forward the same to the concerned library member.
  • To make an ILL/DDS request, the researchers are requested to fill up the DELNET ILL/DDS form, which is available with the Library, as well as on Library website.
  • Since the lending of books/journal articles is on chargeable basis, the bare minimum/absolute necessary material may only be requisitioned.
  • It will normally take about two weeks to receive the requested documents from DELNET and then requesters can collect the same on intimation from the library.

Research Support

Plagiarism Checking

What is iThenticate?

iThenticate is a service that can identify passages in uploaded documents that may be plagiarized. iThenticate scans uploaded documents for duplicate or similar passages from it’s library of journals and the web. It then returns a score based on the percentage of material it has identified.

Does the score identify a paper as plagiarized?

No. The score implies that a paper might contain plagiarized passages but Faculty must examine the identified passages to make a final determination.

Can a document contain plagiarized content that is not flagged by iThenticate?

Yes. iThenticate compares the uploaded document with it’s database of journals and the web. If the material that has been plagiarized is from a source that isn’t in the iThenticate database, then iThenticate won’t be able to identify those passages.

Get answers to more questions by visiting the iThenticate FAQs page.

You may also want to register for an iThenticate Webcast or view a training video.

How Do I Use iThenticate?

Comprehensive List of iThenticate Training Materials and Training Webcasts

Just upload and submit a file. iThenticate will return a score and reports.

iThenticate has produced a series of short videos to help you.

Projects/Activities Undertaken

The University library provides excellent academic ambience for its clientele ie. The faculty members, research scholars, students and other staff of the university where they can access thousands of research and learning resources in print and online, and derive benefits from the libraries commitment of providing high quality resources and services.

The university library is an active member of many of the resource centers across the country being maintained and operated by MHRD, UGC etc. It also achieves maximum benefit from various the various programmes to its uses. A brief write-up of such initiatives is furnished below:-

  • Plagiarism checks of Doctoral theses, Post Graduates, M.Phil dissertations and research articles using Ithenticate software.
  • Member of National Digital Library, an MHRD initiative, with lakhs of online documents more than 12,000 faculty members, students and other staff members are registered with it.
  • Maintaining the Institutional Repository (Dspace) ie. The management &dissemination of digital material created by Galgotias University and its community members. It also includes digital assets like datasets, administrative documents, course notes, learning objects, conference proceedings etc.
  • NPTEL (National Programme in Technology Enhanced Learning) a project initiated by MHRD for creating course contents in Engineering & Science disciplines through Web & Video Courses and indexing all courses through keyword searching.
  • SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active –Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) platform developed by MHRD covering School, Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate, Engineering , Law and other professional courses with Video Lectures, downloadable Reading Material, Self-Assessment tests, Online Discussion Forum for doubts clearing.
  • VIDWAN, a premier database of profile of Scientists/Researcher and other faculty members working at leading Academic Institutions & other R&D organizations involved in Teaching & Research in India. It provides important information about Experts’ Background, Contact Address, Experience, Scholarly Publication, Skills, and Accomplishments, research Identity etc.
  • MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) aimed at unlimited participation & open access via the web, it emerged as popular mode of learning and provides interactive courses with user forums to support community interactions among students and professors with immediate feedback to quick quizzes and assignments and promote reuse & remixing of resources.
  • E Shodh Sindhu (Consortium for Higher Education Electronic Resources) provides access to e-resources to Universities, Colleges & CFTI (Centrally Funded Technical Institutions) provides current & archival access to more than 15000 core & peer-reviewed journals and number of full text, bibliographic and factual databases. It bridges digital divide and move towards an information rich society.
  • Shodh Ganga, a reservoir of Indian theses provides a platform for research students a deposit their PhD theses and make it available to the entire scholarly community in open access.
  • Shodh Gangotri is the repository of ongoing research in the country would reveal the trends and directions of research being conducted and would avoid duplication of research.

Services Provided

The University library provides the following services to its clientele:-

  • Orientation Programme
  • Information Literacy
  • User Education
  • Reference and Information Service
  • Electronic Database and Online - Journals
  • Digital Archiving
  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  • Internet Facility
  • Current Awareness Service
  • Lending Service
  • Extension Service
  • Reprographic Service

Our Team

A team of highly qualified and experienced Library professionals, determined to fulfil the information needs of GU Community, always willing to go extra mile to serve the esteemed clientele of Galgotias University:

Dr. Debal C. Kar

Employee Name Designation Email
Dr. Debal C. Kar University Librarian
Shams Khan Assistant Librarian
Kuldeep Kishor Assistant Librarian
Neeraj Kumar Assistant Librarian
Matloob Ali Khan Assistant Librarian
Vikas kumar Singh Asst. Librarian
Abida Durrany Library Assistant
Birendra Verma Library Assistant
Pradeeep Kumar Kaushik Library Assistant
Puneet Srivastva Library Assistant
Shivpal Meena Library Assistant
Rajat Mishra Library Assistant
Nitu Garg Library Assistant


For Feedback/Suggestion/Complaint/Recommendation

Dr. Debal C Kar
Librarian & Head
University Library
Tel 0120-4806817
Email :

Library Advisory Committee

The Vice Chancellor of the University appointed a Library Advisory Committee (LAC) for a fixed term, consisting of a Chairman/Chairperson, and representatives from all the Schools/ Departments of the University as its members. In addition, student representatives are also an important part in the LAC. The University Librarian is the Secretary of the Advisory Committee. The LAC External Expert(s) from the esteemed organization are adding the value to the committee by their recommendations and suggestions to the University Library in its development and functioning.

S. No. Name Designation Position
1 Dr. Preeti Bajaj Vice-Chancellor Chairperson
2 Dr. Venkatesh Babu Pro Vice-Chancellor Member
3 Dr. P.K. Sharma Pro Vice-Chancellor Member
4 Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Dean Planning Member
5 Dr. Nitin Gaur Registrar Member
6 Dr. Ambika Prasad Pandey  Associate professor(SOLE) Member
7 Dr. Anjali Gupta Associate Professor(SBAS) Member
8 Dr. Mahesh Singh Assistant Professor and Program Chair(SOAG) Member
9 Mr. Prabhat Srivastava Assistant Professor(SEECE)  Member
10 Mr. Prakhar Bhargava  Assistant Professor(SMCS) Member
11 Mr. Sayan Das  Assistant Professor(SOL) Member
12 Ms. Tara Rani Assistant Professor(SMAS Optometry) Member
13 Mr. A. Sankar Assistant Professor(SMAS MLT) Member
14 Ms. Ambreen Fatima Assistant Professor(SMAS Physiotherapy) Member
15 Ms. Asmita Dujawara Assistant Professor(SMAS CVT) Member
16 Mr. Rakesh Kumar Sahu Assistant Professor(SMAS Pharmacy) Member
17 Dr. Bharat Bhushan Naib Assistant Professor(SCSE) Member
18 Mr. Reji John Assistant Professor (SOB) Member
19 Ms. Neeru Khatri Assistant Professor(SFC) Member
20 Dr. Navita Malik Assistant Professor(SOE) Member
21 Mr. Rohit Jaswal Assistant Professor(SOH) Member
22 Ms. Hima Dutta Baruah Assistant Professor (Bioscience & Bio Engg.) Member
23 Ms. Priyanka Priyadarshini Assistant Professor (SOCE) Member
24 Mr. Altaf Hasan Tarique Assistant Professor(SOME) Member
25 Mr. Bhupender Nursing Tutor(Nursing) Member
26 Er. Nutan Gusain Assistant Prof (Univ. Polytechnic) Member
27 Er. Priyanka Lecturer(University Polytechnic) Member
28 Dr. Nabi Hasan Librarian & Head, IIT Delhi External Expert
29 Dr. Debal C. Kar University Librarian Member Secretary


Student Members

S.NO School Student Name      Position
1 School of Agriculture (SOAG) Abhishek Arora Member
2 School of Electrical, Electronics & Communication Engg.(SEECE) Siddharth Jha  Member
3 School of Media & Communication Studies(SMCS)  Gyanendra Pandey Member
4 School of Law  Saurabh Mishra Member
5 School of Nursing Suraj Member
6 Himanshu Roy Member
7 SMAS Optometry Ajeeta Kumari Member
8 SMAS MLT Tannu Member
10 SMAS CVT Jagriti Parihar Member
11 SMAS PHARMACY Abhishek Kumar Singh Member
12 School of Liberal Education (SOLE) Gursaakhi Miglani   Member
13 School of Computing Science & Engineering (SCSE) Chirag Kaushik Member
14 Harsh Lohia Member
15 School of Basic Applied Science(SBAS) Arkapravo Dey Member
16  School of Business(SOB) Gauri Singh Member
17 School of Finance & Commerce(SFC) Apurva Member
18 School of Education(SOE) Soumya P. Panigrahi Member
19 School of Hospitality S. N. N. Arehmalek Member
20 School of Biosciences and Biomedical Engineering Dinawaj Bhati Member
21 Diploma in Civil Engg. Uday Bhaskar Member
22 School of Civil Engineering(SOCE) Sanchit Grover Member
23 School of Mechanical Engineering (SOME) Affan Ahmad Ansari Member


Contact us

For Reference Query

Mr. Shams Khan
Asst. Librarian
Mob +91 9810727543
Email :

Circulation Enquiry

Mr. Kuldip Kishor
Asst. Librarian
Mob +91 8527574525
Email :

For Feedback/Suggestion/Complaint/Recommendation

Dr. Debal C. Kar
Librarian & Head
University Library
Tel 0120-4806817
Email :

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