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University life can be a bit of whirlwind, which is why peace of mind is essential when it comes to students' accommodation. Galgotias University believes it's important to choose a residence that best suits a student's needs.

While joining Galgotias University students might well be moving away from their home town for the first time and in this case, one of the first things they will want to organize is where they will be living.

There are several things to consider when choosing where to live and students need to consider how much they can afford. There are several options available: hostel on campus, and off-site apartments / houses in the private rented sector. Many of GU's first year students live in the university hostels. The accommodation has a good attached cafeteria service, and high speed internet access. Those who do not avail of the university hostel may live in nearby apartments / houses.

The campus hostels are surrounded by lush green lawns and playing fields. The hostels have complete power backup. Facilities for indoor games like TT, carom, chess etc. are also available. A warden / hostel in-charge looks after the administration of the hostel. Students enjoy a homely and comfortable stay with a sense of camaraderie and fraternity. Hygienic, quality food prepared by professionally-qualified cooks is provided to the students in the hostel canteen. Meals provided in the hostel mess are wholesome and nourishing. The mess caters to the tastes of the students with varied culinary preferences from different regions. The mess menu is planned and managed by the students in consultation with the caterer and the management.

Rented private apartments are a popular option for students who prefer to live independently and in smaller groups. The university also secures a number of houses (especially for ladies) for accommodation. The houses are in popular student areas of Greater Noida and are on good bus/auto routes.

Rules & Regulations

  • DO NOT indulge in any act of intimidation/fight or violence and drunken or riotous behavior.
  • DO NOT use narcotics or consume alcoholic beverages.
  • DO NOT create any ill-will on religious or communal grounds.
  • STRICTLY DO NOT indulge in ragging in any form within the premises of the university and hostel.
  • DO NOT use hostel area as venue of protests and agitations.
  • DO NOT carry out any business/commercial activities in the hostel.
  • DO NOT paste any poster in hostel premises.
  • DO NOT use any personal electrical appliances like air conditioners, air coolers, fridge, heater and kettles in the hostel rooms.
  • DO NOT cook any food in the hostel rooms.
  • DO NOT tamper with fittings and fixtures in the hostel room. It will be treated as willful damage to the University property and those found guilty may be held liable to compensate the loss as may be determined by the University.


  • Hanging of clothes at a place other than specified for the purpose such as windowsills, balcony etc. is not permitted.
  • No student is allowed to take away personal belongings from the hostel premises without proper permission.
  • Hostel room cannot be sublet. The students will not be permitted to change their rooms without approval of the warden.
  • No visitor shall be allowed to stay overnight in the hostel room.

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