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Campus to Corporate

Campus to Corporate - The whole session is how students make a transition from college life to corporate climate and to help them deal with a range of new challenges in an accountable, professional and credible manner. The session focuses on

  • Making the students realize the difference between Campus (being managed) to Corporate (managing yourself).
  • Managing oneself
  • Professionalism at work

During this session the activity – Job Fair is a simulation exercise which is conducted for the sixth semester students to train them holistically for the interview process. Various class room sessions are conducted on group discussion, resume writing and personal interviews to ensure that students are trained on all aspects.

As per the design of the activity, class is divided into groups and each group represents an established name in the industry. In the session on resume writing, trainer discusses the do’s and don’ts of resume writing with the students on the basis of which students prepare their resumes, which is revised as per the trainer’s suggestions.

A workshop - "APPLE IT", derived from the concept of ‘7 habits of Highly Effective people’ by Stephen Covey, is conducted in the classroom to help students understand HR psychology and objective behind various questions asked in an interview. With this workshop, trainers aim to ensure that students develop an understanding of what should and should not be said in an interview. Mock interviews are conducted in the class room and students are given feedback based on their performances.

On the day of the job fair, each team splits further. One half of the groups behave like an interviewing panel and the other half gets interviewed by the other groups. After a successful interview, the interview panel issues an offer-letter to the candidate. Should a candidate procure three such offer-letters, he/she is eligible to go for another round of the interview with the trainers. Once all the interviewees have been interviewed, they swap places with the interviewers, and the procedure is repeated.

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