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The Physics department offers quality training to all the students, in learning and doing physics. The courses offered by the department are designed to equip the students with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of Physics.

Physics as a subject is a research based subject and we provide comprehensive knowledge of the subject through our best faculty and their practical approach towards the subject. Understanding the basic concepts and applying them in day-to-day lives makes the subject more interesting and uncomplicated.

The Chemistry Department provides the opportunity for an undergraduate student to obtain a thorough fundamental knowledge of all fields of chemistry. There are lecture courses in the general areas of inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry, plus many more specialized courses. More important than the formal lecture and laboratory courses is the intellectual environment provided by the department.

The faculty members of the Department have expertise in frontier areas of research such as heterocyclic synthesis, catalysis, organic functional materials, polymeric membranes, electrochemistry, nanomaterials, photochemistry, bioinorganic chemistry and polymers. They have contributed towards publication of good a number of research papers in national and international Journals and Conferences and have patents in their name.

The main mission of the department is to generate human resource of excellent quality, including chemists with high professional competence in interdisciplinary research encompassing Biology, Chemistry and Physics etc to fit for national needs. The department is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments required to carry out modern day Chemistry practicals as well as research. One of the unique features of the courses offered to B. Tech students is to develop fundamental as well as application oriented approach among the students. The Department offers PhD programme in various areas of Chemistry. Doctoral students are provided comprehensive practical exposure to the various instrumental techniques required for their research. The Department plans to start postgraduate programs in near future in the areas of Advanced Materials Chemistry and Nanotechnology etc.

Mathematics is a discipline that is widely accepted as a tool to decode the science of nature. It is recognized as the language of science as there was hardly any field of science which had not been profoundly affected by mathematics. But the ubiquitous influence of mathematics in art of decision making and social science that are far beyond the world of science is an indication of the extent to which mathematics has become part of the curriculum in all frontiers of knowledge over the years.

For an informed understanding of the world around us and for the progress of our society, the knowledge of mathematics has become absolutely essential. Besides the utilitarian aspect of mathematics as a tool to solve real world problems it also enhances the probability of employment in diverse areas of human activity. We firmly believe that “Mathematics is the science of sciences and art of arts” and thus making efforts to create the same awareness amongst the student community.

The department is committed to excellence in undergraduate and graduate training as well as in research and scholarship in pure and applied mathematics. Our faculty conducts active research in a broad range of areas, from algebra, analysis, and geometry to mathematical biology and mathematical finance, to numerical analysis and scientific computing.




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