Faculty Designation Area of Specialization
Dr. Dhablendu Samanta Professor & Division Chair Non associative Ring Theory, Algorithms for Data Science and Machine Learning.
Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh Professor Functional Analysis
Dr. Aradhana Dutt Jauhary Professor Summability Theory
Dr. Varsha Gautam Professor Graph Theory.
Dr. Brijesh Kumar Sinha Professor General  Theory of  Relativity
Dr. Alok Tripathi Associate Professor Wavelet Analysis
Dr. Anupama Singh Associate Professor Operations Research
Dr. Vishal Singh Associate Professor Mathematical modeling
Dr. Om Praksh Verma Associate Professor Fluid Dynamics
Dr. Prashant Kumar Associate Professor Theoretical Seismology
Dr. Leena Rani Associate Professor Thermoelasticity
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Assistant Professor Ordinary and Partial Differential equations
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics
Dr. Jitendra KUmar Dubey Assistant Professor Pseudo-differential Operator
Dr. Ashutosh Pandey Assistant Professor Statistics
Mr. Rakesh Chandra Assistant Professor General Topology
Mr. Divesh Garg Assistant Professor Reliability Modeling
Mr. Vikram Kumar Assistant Professor Abstract Algebra
Dr. Sushant Shekhar Assistant Professor Theoretical Seismology
Dr. Vanita Garg Assistant Professor Nature inspired Optimization techniques
Dr. Shivam Srivastav Assistant Professor Fuzzy Set Theory
Ms. Shelly Khurana Assistant Professor Mathematical Modelling
Ms. Neelam Kumari Assistant Professor Linear Algebra




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