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B Tech in Computer Science & Engineering with specialization in Open Source Software & Open Standards

Open Source and Open Standards movement in the IT World is gaining momentum by the day. As the end customer clamor for more freedom of choice and lower costs, they demand openness in the application architecture and free of charge source code. The IT industry which has thrived on IP for decades, then, needs to move to higher level of creating value, leaving lower level value creation to OSS players.

This ongoing dynamics is helping Open Source software players to mature their offerings rapidly, so that a large number of end users can take advantage of free of charge software and source code.

Apart from Open Source, the Open Standards is an important phenomenon too. Special focus is on Industry open standards, aligned to vertical domain such as Retail, Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, and such. There is growing realization in the IT world that our end customer reside in industry verticals. That’s why we now have increasing focus on domain expertise and skills. This skilling can be more effective when the learning is aligned to industry open standards, so that the applications they support conform to already accepted interfaces and standards.

The true freedom of choice for the end customer is available only when the architecture of an industry application software conforms to Open Standards, and the software is written using the principles of Open Source. This combination provides complete vendor neutrality to an end user, since both the data structures as well as the source code is available to them.

It is very advantageous to a student in coming years to align to a vertical industry or at least to know one or two industry vertical application domains based on open standards. This will prepare the student to face the live project situation when one passes out from higher education segment and gets into a job in the IT industry. The student would then find oneself more ready for a real world situation, and hence increasing one’s chances of success many fold.

The demand for industry vertical expertise is growing by leaps and bounds. As more and more IT Companies align their products and services towards specific vertical industry requirements, they need professionals who know that industry well. Therefore, availability of jobs in industry segments is growing very rapidly.



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