The Galgotias University gives a lot of emphasis on path breaking research in the various areas of Science and Technology. The focus is on publishing research papers in international journals and also on getting patents based on research findings. The research spans a diverse set of disciplines such as CAD/CAM, Rapid Prototyping, Nanotechnology, Optoelectronics and Materials Engineering, Power Systems, Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Management, Commerce and Finance.

Recognizing the potential for research in Galgotias University, the Science and Engineering Board set up by the Government of India has sanctioned a project entitled “Self-Assembly of Semiconductor Nanostructures for Sensing Applications” to Dr. A.K Jain, Prof. and Dean, School of Basic and Applied Sciences Department of Chemistry, of Rs 30.47 lakh and a sum of Rs. 20.00 Lakh has been received for the financial year 2011-2012. The University has set up a Nanotechnology lab for the execution of this project. The project aims to utilize the ordered 2D and 3D arrays of nanocrystalline metal clusters as catalysts for growing semiconductors and concentrate on the ordering and self assembly of semiconductor nanogrammewire and nanoneedle. The study will also investigate the physical and chemical properties of aligned semiconductor nanostructure to fabricate test device structures in the form two terminal devices for sensing type applications, and three terminal devices for transistor applications.

Galgotias University has a very strong emphasis on research and plans to be one of the best teaching & research University in the world. It heavily emphasizes on creation of knowledge through research. Research is introduced right from the first year at undergraduate level. Faculty members are facilitated by providing seed money to carry out research and/or to submit research projects to funding agencies. Full financial support to present research papers in refereed International Conferences/Seminars abroad and also in India is provided to the faculty members. They are also encouraged to organize international and national conferences. The University also plays proactive role in helping faculty members to take up consultancy assignments.

Galgotias Educational Institutions (GEI) has already established a proven record of research and consultancy. GEI faculty published more then100 research papers last year which is highest for any private engineering institution in NCR. A large number of faculty members of GEI have published books and research papers, and have conducted advanced courses in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science/Information Technology to the faculty of other Institutions through collaboration with NASSCOM, Maritime Institute, Sun Microsystems and Infosys. Innovative and creative work leading to new designs, products, processes and services is the bed rock of an engineering institution. GEI launched a project for the use of non-conventional sources of energy and developed technology to convert a 10 hp diesel engine to run on LPG.This engine can be used in rural area and its conversion into a diesel engine can be done on site in about 4 hours by a team of semi-skilled workers.

GEI offer intellectual and experimental resources and provide assistance to Corporate Sector, Government, Small and Medium Enterprises and NGOs to tackle issues of concern through professional consultancy. The Institutes undertake consultancy projects in divergent activities in management and information technology streams. The Institutes have experienced capable and knowledgeable faculty members with expertise in marketing, finance, operations, strategy, human resource development, operation s research, economics and information technology. The Institutes undertake each project under scientific framework of research methodology in sync with the latest trends and knowledge in respective fields. The projects may be in terms of issue identification, resolution of the identified problems and development of innovative strategies and practices. Some of the organizations for whom consultancy projects have been carried out are Auto fit Industries Ltd., Genus Overseas Electronics Ltd., and Mayur Uniquoters.

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