Computer Science & Engineering

Faculty Designation Area Of Specialization Course Websites
Dr. Avadhesh Kumar Professor & Head Software Eng, Aspect-Oriented Software System, Component-Based Software Development, Soft Computing Computer Programming and Problem Solving
Dr. Abhishek Swaroop Professor, Computer Science Group mutual exclusion, Distributed Algorithms, Fault tolerance, Wireless networks, multi-core systems.
Dr. Parmanand Professor Computer Network, Cryptography, Algorithm, Computer Graphics etc.
Mr. Thirunavukkarasu K. Asst Professor (Grade-III) Knowledge Engineering, Data Mining, Spatial Database, Database Technology, Information System Development. Object Oriented System Engineering ,Database Management Systems
Dr. Subhajit Ghosh Professor
Dr. Ajay Shanker Singh Professor Cloud and Virtualization
Ms. Prabha S Nair Asst Professor (Grade-III) Software Engineering,Augumented Reality, Real time system ,Virtual Reality etc. Software Engineering
Dr. Vishnu Sharma Associate Professor Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Computer Networks, Wireless sensor network, Cryptography &Network Security etc
Mr. Prabhat Kumar Yadav Assistant Professor (Grade-III) Software Testing (Regression Testing ), Ad_Hoc Networking Data Compression
Dr. Sanjoy Das Assistant Professor(Grade-III) Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, Wireless Sensor Network and Distributed Systesms Distributed System ,Software Project Management
Mr. Ashwini Kumar Assistant Professor(Grade-I) Computational intelligence and simulation, Computational Neuroscience, Soft Computing Theory of Automata and Formal Languages
Mr. S.P.S. Chauhan Assistant Professor (Grade-III) Digital Image and Audio Watermarking
Mr. Srinivas Arukonda Assistant Professor(Grade-I) Wireless ad-hoc networks, Cloud Computing, Wireless sensor networks Discrete Structures, PHP
Mr. Anil Kumar Sagar Assistant Professor (Grade-III) Ad-hoc Network, Wireless Sensor Network
Mr. Aravendra Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor(Grade-I) MOBILE AD-HOC NETWORK Theory of Automata and Formal Languages
Mr. Subrata Sahana Assistant Professor(Grade-II) Data Structure and Algorithm Design, Pattern Recognition. Data Structures using C
Mr. Ajay Singh Assistant Professor (Grade II) Manet, Vanet, Fanet
Mr. Manjeet Kumar Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Automated Software Testing, Software Quality, web services
Mr. Khushal Singh Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Networks & Cyber Security Computer Application in Economics,PHP
Ms. Amarjeet Kaur Assistant Professor (Grade I) Wireless Sensor Network Oops Through Java
Mr. Chetan Agarwal Assistant Professor (Grade I) Natural Language Processing, Speech Synthesis & Recognition, Corpus, Part of Speech Tagging, Parsing
Ms. Priyanka Shukla Assistant Professor (Grade I) Image Processing
Mr. Shiv Naresh Shivhare Assistant Professor (Grade I) Semantic Web, Sentiment Analysis
Mr. Sunil Kr. Singh Assistant Professor (Grade I) Cognitive Radio Resource Management in Mobile Computing etc
Mr. Aditya Raj Assistant Professor (Grade I) Digital Image Processing, Optical Character Recognition, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Classification
Mr. Sachin Dube Assistant Professor (Grade I) Digital Image contrast enhancement
Mr. N.Arul Assistant Professor (Grade I) AdHoc Networks, MANET
Mr. Keshav Gupta Assistant Professor (Grade I) Distributed Systems, Computer Networks, MANET, Android Mobile Applications
Mr. Sanjay Sharma Assistant Professor (Grade III) Computer Networks, Network Security
Mr. S.Aravinth Kumar Assistant Professor (Grade I) Cloud Computing, Mobile Communication
Mr. Manish Verma Assistant Professor (Grade I) Compiler Design , Image Processing
Mr. Vivek Kumar Singh Assistant Professor (Grade-I) High Performance Computing and Real Time Systems
Mr. Pankaj Sharma Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Image Processing, Data Structure and Algorithms, Computer Network etc
Dr. Satyajee Srivastava Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Software Engg, Green Computing,Data Warehousing and Data Mi
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Quality of Service routing in VANET, Information Retrieval and Database Selection approaches
Mr. Mayank Dixit Assistant Professor (Grade I) Artificial Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence
Mr. Youddha Beer Singh Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Algorithm and data mining
Dr. Gaurav Sharma Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks
Mr. Manjeet Singh Assistant Professor (Grade I) Grid Computing

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