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The basic purpose of education is not just imparting knowledge as is generally perceived but also to enable students to understand and discover themselves, realise their complete potential and find that one thing that they love the most - the one thing which they are passionate about and would like to pursue as their career. Given an unknown situation, the trained student from a University education system should be in a position to look at it from different perspectives and come to a logical conclusion. This is the orientation that needs to be given to students. Various dimensions in which University students are expected to excel include innovative thinking, logical and analytical skills, intellectual curiosity, trustworthiness, environment and energy consciousness, ethics and moral values - and while at it, gaining an overall development of mind, body and intellect. Galgotias University has been established with the purpose and commitment of training students to develop these very skills.

We are extremely focused on providing education comparable to international standards and our world-class campus facilities are an apt reflection of this mission. At the same time, we, at Galgotias University are committed to energy and environment sustenance and hence are creating a 52-acre clean and green campus. We also provide flexibility to our students to learn at their own pace and intensity, through academic pedagogies such as dual degree options with both horizontal and vertical integration by making our curriculum modular and flexible - resulting in a variety of convenient options for students through a credit-based system. As a result, for the overall development of the students, the Galgotias University campus is teeming with opportunities created for extra and co-curricular activities along with excellence in academic performance through outcome based education. Our motto is education for economic advantage and we are proud that over 90% of our graduates leave our portals with a job through campus placements. This is a testament to the quality of teaching and learning experience at the University, which is validated externally, and is reviewed internally to ensure that high standards are maintained and programs are updated continually. These reviews play an important role in improving teaching methods and enhancing your educational experience as a student.

Employers regard Galgotias University as an excellent training ground of high-flyers of the future, and we offer many opportunities for you to develop a broad range of skills, grow in confidence and learn more about yourself with many options of industrial exposure & international collaborations. Our Careers Service helps with your career choices and offers practical advice about how to secure prime employment opportunities. Today with a student community of around 9500, Galgotias University surges forward in a spirit of innovation, educating the pioneers of tomorrow with cutting-edge education and research developments that point to the future. Our research focus directly influences our teaching, ensuring that you have access to the latest innovations in your area of interest. As a student at Galgotias University, you will be joining a vibrant community of like-minded intellectuals, with a chance of working on life-changing projects in the coming years. Welcome aboard to this enthralling temple of learning.

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